Technical Resume Writing Guidelines

Technical resume has as major parts: title, objective,  experience, education, skills and references

What should be noted about writing this type of resume is that, the job objective is always written first and the rest of the sections follow. Begin from the most to the least important. The main aim of this arrangement is for you to make sure that your resume is written in a manner which offers you the best advantage over other job applicants.

Begin with an attention grabbing title. This should be very short, yet broad enough to advertise you to the employer. Your prospective employer should be able to make a positive and lasting impression from looking at the title of your resume.

technical_resumeThe job objective is very important if you intend to build a professional resume. In most cases, the contents of the job objective are to specify the position you are applying to and this should be specified with the reference number. However, make sure that your job objective steers clear of trite, vague and misdirected phrases which denote your willingness to work for the company simply to satisfy your personal needs.

List every academic skill you have acquired in school. Browse through your course, but list only those that are related to the job. Keep in mind that employers are interested in those skills that you gained while working. Also remember that you are writing an technical resume and skills which show that you can conveniently handle and perform well with certain equipments should be listed


The work experience section is among the most important sections of every good resume. This is where you are going to include a list of work experience, both paid and voluntary. Your work experience should equally state your accomplishments although some resume writers will prefer a separate section for accomplishments. Whatever the case, most employers are always willing to hire people who can bring about results in the company, or who can help the company to efficiency. For more resume tips on realizing this section of your resume, see

Use appropriate keywords and phrases which indicate that you have read the details of the job description. Keep in mind that most employers hardly read between the lines of resumes. They simply scan the resume in search of certain keywords or phrases that relate to the resume position. This is the more reason why you must carry out some preliminary research about the job as well as about the whole company.

Technical resume writers should not be worried if they are not very qualified for the job. Keep in mind that even the best qualified applicants are not always employed. What you should know is that most employers are ever more willing to employ applicants with little or no work experience and train them within the job. However, your technical resume should prove your willingness to learn while working and your academic qualifications should prove that you have some transferable skills. For more on writing your resume, see