Key to Writing a Successful First Job Resume

No Work History? Just Educational Achievements and Academic Awards? You Still Have Great Chances to Win a Job with Your First Resume!

Are a student or recent graduate seeking a first job?

Your first job resume is an important one. You may not yet have a lot of work experience, naturally. So it is incredibly vital that you make the best possible first impression. You may be wondering how you can do that when you are writing your very first resume. You certainly have to be diligent. However, this can be done more easily than you might imagine.

resume11The odds are likely that if this is your first resume, you are a student, a recent graduate, or something of that nature. Regardless, as mentioned, you might not have a whole lot of experience. This can make it difficult to write a good resume, but not impossible. In fact, many resume experts will tell you not to be concerned at all.

Consider unique aspects of your background

Why is that? Because your background is actually the key to writing your first job resume. Your general background no doubt contains lots of admirable information. There will be plenty about which you can boast – although you should not take a boastful tone in your resume, of course! Even if you do not have a lot of job experience, you do have experiences which are individual and unique to you. You have your own special sets of skills. You have a completely one of a kind background. These can and will make a successful resume for your first job.

Provide general yet relevant information 

Typically, there are some general pieces of information that you should always include in a resume for your first job. To begin with, you need to describe any personal characteristics of a positive nature. List your strengths, for example, and those characteristics which make you unique. To see the correct way to list these, has helpful resources. You also need to include any computer skills you have, along with any technical skills. If you are in school, then consider your course work. If any of the classes you are taking are relevant to the job for which you are applying, list that in your first job resume.

What about your grade point average?

Naturally – and, again, this is for students – your grade point average can help you out, but only if it is more than a 3.0. Your educational accomplishments can be listed as well as can any experiences you have had during volunteer programs and internships. If you have any sort of other awards, recognitions, if you have won any competitions, et cetera, these can be listed on your resume as well.

graduates3Mention your volunteer projects 

As briefly mentioned, if you have volunteered in any capacities, these can be included in your resume also. Students, for instance, can include volunteering for after school programs, clubs, and things of that nature. So can anyone else, of course. Even if you volunteer at soup kitchens or with other charitable organizations, it will look great on a resume.

Even if you do not have a lot of work experience, you can craft a successful first job resume. The experiences you have had can be of enormous help to you, even if they are not related to a job history. If you express yourself with an air of confidence and list your best accomplishments, you are well on your way to your first job. has fantastic resume samples on how to craft a resume.