How to Write Convincing Resume Objectives

Resume objectives are indispensable for writing good resumes. To come up with an effective resume, you will first of all need to have a resume objective.

Remember that if you are aware of your resume objective, you will have a focus and direction for your writing and this will help you to look for and arrange whatever information you find.

It will also present you with a standard to which your final resume will be measured for effectiveness. In most cases, resume objectives seek to tell the employer about something particular and to motivate him to act on your resume. In others words, the objective in a resume is to create a certain response in the mind of the employer.

It is very important to create a powerful resume objective in today’s job market. Remember that there is always competition among jobseekers, all wanting to use their objectives to outwit each other. The first objective of your resume should be to inform the employer or hiring manager that you are qualified for that resume position.

Remember that you are responding to a call for applications. Therefore, you have to select and present only information that makes you qualified for that particular position. Your second objective should be to induce the employer to act on your resume. This will require you to present those marketable as well as transferable skills, together with your work history that makes you fit for the job. When the employer has finished reading your resume, what do you want him to do? This is your final object. Your main aim here is for the employer to call you up for an interview. And what do you want from the interview? The obvious answer is to get a job. This will require you to present honest and accurate information about yourself.


What you should know is that most resume objectives are not expressively stated. The manner in which you write; the overall resume format and resume style and the choice of words you use will be used to determine the objective of your resume. If you must expressly state a resume objective, it must be brief.

A stated job objective must make mention of the job title and the job reference number if it has been provided in the advert. The objective is for you to state what your goals are, vis-à-vis the objectives of the employer. Make sure that your objectives are one with the employer’s. Keep away from trite and misdirected phrases which project your personal needs above those of the employer. For more on how to focus a resume objective, see Grand Resume.

Resume objectives can best be established if you research on the specific needs of the employer. To enlighten and motivate the employer, let him know that you are aware of the problems faced by the organization. Remember that there are often problems faced by the employer, but which are rarely discussed with candidates. In so doing, you leave the employer with an impression that you care much about the wellbeing of the organization. For more tips on writing a resume objective, see Grand Resume.