How to Get Resumes and Cover Letters Read

Resumes and cover letters done the right way can help you get the job.

You should know that it is never advisable to send a resume without a cover letter. Remember that most employers skim through your resume in search of some key points. It takes time to read through a resume and most employers will use the cover letter to determine the worth of the resume. Therefore, your resume and cover letter should be simple and easy to understand. The following guidelines will help you write better resumes and cover letters:

Do Things the Right Way

One mistake often committed by jobseekers is that they fail to follow the precise resume format in writing their resumes. Making yourself marketable to an employer is not all about selling your skills. The employer wants to pay for more than your academic qualifications and experiences. You may fail to recognize the importance of resume writing features such as style and the general organization of your resume. But the simple truth is that these features add to the worth of every resume. Remember that most employers use the general outlook of your resume to create a first and lasting impression about you.

Identify What You Want

This may not be done directly in your resume, but it should be present in your cover letter. This should be state clearly. It will also help you if you state what motivated you to apply for the job. Remember that it is always better to go straight to what you want. Make sure you identify the resume position you are applying for.

Pique the Interest of the Employer

Carry out some background research about the employer’s organization. Remember that you must state the job title and reference number as it is found in the job advert. The fact that you identify and spell names correctly is an indication that you are interested about the wellbeing of the company.

Be Precise and Truthful On Your Academic Qualifications and Experience

This should be done after you have identified what the employer wants. List only those qualities that are needed by the employer. List your most important academic qualifications and the most rewarding job experiences. Make sure you provide evidence in support of everything you claim. These should be in the form of certificates as well as resume references. Ahead of enlisting references in your resume, make sure you have contacted the referees and ask if they will be willing to provide positive recommendations about you.

Resumes and cover letters work effective when you add some creativity in it. Propose the next action after you have submitted your cover letter. Perhaps, you can make it clear that you look forward to discussing more about the progress of the organization in an interview. Grand Resume provides suitable resume tips and cover letter guidelines for doing this. Resumes and cover letters should always be posted to more than one employer. But make sure that you approach each employer in a particular way. Remember that your resume and cover letter may be more important to one employer than the other. Grand Resume offers guidelines for posting your resume.