Resume Writing

Effective Resume Writing Takes a Customer Centric View

resume-writingToday’s job market is extremely competitive and especially with the global financial crisis, it is doubly important that a person secure employment. Getting the perfect job will depend on the person’s caliber as well as on the level of commitment put to the actual process of seeking employment. Resume writing is a key requirement in this process. Writing a resume is more than just stating your experiences and qualifications. It has to be written in a way which markets the applicant to the potential employer. There are certain requirements you have to adhere to and with a fresh approach the resume you write can be unique and effective to impress the prospective employer.

Effective writing requires planning, researching for information, input of the correct information and deciding on appropriate style to suit the situation and the job in context. The layout and appearance will also need to be taken in to consideration. Above all the whole writing process should be guided with one purpose. The applicant therefore has to be clear on what is the purpose of writing a resume. Some will tell that it is to provide the employer with details of you skills and qualifications. Others will state that it is to inform of job experience details and the duties you performed. With such purposes, your resume will be written wrongly.

What is the real purpose of writing a resume?  The obvious but often overlooked answer is that you write a resume to get the job. Who will be able to give you the job? It is the prospective employer to whom your resume is directed to. So, most important in resume writing is to think in the shoes of the recruiter. If you were the recruiter, what will you be looking for in the pile of hundreds of applicants?

1.    Someone who is clear of what is the job or at least the field of work (if it is a prospecting resume and not an application resume)
2.    Some one who is clear of the key job functions? i.e. – if it’s a sales person then key functions include target achievement, customer relations handling, sales promotion, market segment growth)
3.    Some one who knows the key characteristics that goes in to the job – (achievement oriented, extrovert, driver, good communicator)
4.    Someone who knows the skills and qualifications the job requires – selling skills preferably in similar product category, experience in handling key accounts, experience in new market or new segment development, selling skills, interpersonal skills etc)
5.    Someone who possess all above

If your resume writing can convey the above points to the prospective employer in a very brief time, then you are bound to be selected for an interview in which you can prove that you are in fact what your resume described to be.

Your resume should be written with a customer centric view answering the employer’s needs. This is why it’s crucial that you address what the job requirements are and then go on to state that you possess them. If you don’t have first hand knowledge of this, carryout some good researching to establish what are the key skills, qualifications and attributes needed by different jobs you will be applying to. Follow the most appropriate format and provide concise evidence of your claim to be the perfect candidate with information on the skills, qualifications, and work experience relevant to the job applied for.

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