Resume Style

What Resume Style Should You Use To Write Your Effective Resume?

A resume style often leads you to think which format you should choose to develop your resume  – either a functional or chronological format. It is very important that you seriously consider using an appropriate style to write your resume. What you should know is that not only our resume content counts. Serious consideration must be given to the manner in which your resume is formatted and presented.

How you should organize your resume

If you organize your resume chronologically, your will present your profile data date by date in resume education and resume experience sections. This style is considered normal. What makes this style conventional is that it has gradually been accepted by almost every employer. Please note that it is a simple style which secures ease of readability. This style should be applied by those who can demonstrate steady progress in their educational and career path. It is also good for those  with little or no work experience to show in their resumes.

screenshot_31Using a functional style

You can equally use a functional resume style to build your resume. When using this style, you do not present your resume information chronologically in education and experience sections. Instead, you should categorize your academic achievements and skills according to their career relevance. This style is designed to show where you are strong. You can use bullets and numbers to list your strengths and skills. This also makes it much easier for the employer to go through your resume.
This style should be applied by those possessing a variety of job experiences, by those seeking to make a move in their careers and by those who have frequently changed their career within last ten years.

Whatever style you decide to use, it should be noted that your resume can be a mix of both styles. Also, you should know that the functional resume is more preferred by employers, though the chronological resume style is widely used.

Chronological resume

The chronological resume gives you a chance to cover up gaps or inconsistencies in your education or work history. It requires you to simply list skills that are closely related to the job you are applying for. This resume style gives you no room to mention where and how you acquired your skills. This format compels you to list qualifications and experiences according to date. For more information and resources to help you decide what style to adhere to, study resume adviceprovided by

Considering resume styles is as important as preparing the content of your resume.  Keep in mind that writing a good resume requires listing skills that are needed for obtaining a certain job. The employer will use your resume to figure out if you have these special skills. Remember that a good resume makes the first lasting impression of you and this impression should be backed by your entire resume as well as by your cover letter. For more resume tips and samples,see