A Guide to Write the Resume Experience Section of Your Resume

Resume experience can equally be called “work or employment history”.

This is one of the most imperative sections of every good resume. In fact, there is no resume without some form of work experience in it. Even the most recent school graduates should have some form of work experience, whether paid or voluntary, to include in their resumes. The most obvious feature about resume experience is that it should be able to provide evidence that you actually underwent what you claim to have done. You should pay particular attention about writing this section because your prospective employer will use this to determine a lot about the type of person he is about to employ.

Keep in mind that the employer seeks to employ you on the basis of what you can do and this will also be based on what you have done and the skills you have acquired while doing this.

Ahead of writing the experience section of your resume, it should be borne in mind that every employer seeks to hire or employ you based on the truth of what you present in your resume. For this reason, make sure you present a genuine picture of what you are and what you have done. Take particular note about the skills and responsibilities that you did acquire; and how you can transfer these to the new job. Make sure that what you add into your work history is relevant and useful to the job you are applying for. Remember that most employers scan through resumes in search of what is directly related to what they do. They are always in search of what you actually did, the skills you obtained from this and how it will benefit their organization.


Organizing what to include into your work history is another key features in writing an effective resume. Why most job applicants with valuable work history fail to get to the job interview is that they fail to organize resume information that is found in the work history section. To effectively write this section, make sure you use short and direct phrases. Steer clear of wordiness. These only make your resume boring. Avoid writing a job description. Remember that your main objective is to highlight performance, rather than listing job responsibilities. Grand Resume offers a range of resume tips to help you complete this section of your resume.

Resume experience as a matter of fact, may be absent from a resume. Never be discouraged if you have little or no wok experience to present in your resume. Remember that even the most experienced applicants may not be employed. What you should know is that if you provide accurate information about what you are and what you can do, an employer may still employ you. Keep in mind that most employers prefer to hire labor and make available some in-house training to improve the skills of their workers. For more on writing the experience section of your resume, see Grand Resume.