Resume Definition

Resume definition varies with usage and area of usage. In some areas, a resume is different from a curriculum vita while it is one and the same thing in other place.

However, a resume can be compared to a curriculum vita in so many aspects. Generally, resume definition will mean a piece of business document that summarizes everything about your academic qualifications and work history. Therefore, in a resume, you market yourself as that person who is academically qualified and who has the skills and experience needed for the job. A resume generally exposes you as that person, not only qualified for the job, but that person who will be an asset to the organization you seek to work for.

cover-letter-witingThe word, resume, is classic in areas such as the United States and in the Anglophone areas of Canada. In other places such as the United Kingdom, a resume will be substituted by curriculum vitae or CV. However, most international recruiters may permit the interchangeable usage of these terms because they consider it to mean one and the same thing. But if you are required to make use of a particular terminology, make sure that this is used. Keep in mind that adherence to instructions may be a cutoff point when employers or hiring managers screen through the resumes and cover letters of jobseekers.

Resume definition can equally be ascertained depending on the particular resume style being used. Reference should therefore be made to chronological resume and a functional resume.

A chronological resume style is one that lays much emphasis on academic qualifications over a specific period and this usually relates to a particular career path. This type of resume will therefore place much importance on the educational achievements and experiences of the applicant within a given period. This resume style gives advantage to applicants who have attained a steady work experience and have made steady and significant progression on that particular career path.

Another resume type, the functional resume, lays much importance on skills and abilities. But unlike the chronological resume, there is no importance as to when, where and how these were obtained. Recruiters prescribing this resume are aware of the fact that a great number of job applicants have the skills needed for the job, but do not have the required experience.

In other cases, employers may require a hybrid between chronological and functional resume. However, you should make sure that you follow a particular type of resume if you are asked to.

Resume definition has also taken a deep approach with the advent of the new information technology. Given the fact that you can write and submit an effective resume through the internet, a new type of resume has come up. This is an online resume. Given that the job hunting process has gone electronically, job seekers only need to adhere to specific resume format guidelines for writing resumes and cover letters through the internet. For an analysis of the various types of resumes and how to write resumes that get results, see Grand Resume.