What Makes a Good Resume Cover Letter?

Resume cover letter is an indispensable tool in helping you win the job.

What you should know about writing and effective resume and an effective resume cover letter is that a neat cover letter and resume format, well-organized content and appropriate usage of grammar convey and air of professionalism. Therefore, extra effort should be used to write the cover letter to every resume. Keep in mind that you can use your cover letter to provide useful information that cannot be provided in the resume.

cover-letter-witingUse specific and concrete language. Your main is to help the employer read through your cover letter. Therefore, avoid effusive language or technical jargon. These only help to make the meaning of your resume look more complex. Use a simple language that conveys plain meaning of what you intend to say. Make sure you are familiar with the exact meaning of every word you include in your resume.

Get straight to the point. Take your time to bring down what you want your employer to know and make sure that this is unambiguously stated in a positive, simple and declarative manner. The tension and anxiety often built in getting a job should not take you to extremes, misplacing words that your employer must mentally substitute. What you ought to know about timing and writing in business is that time is of great essence. In business, time is money. No employer is willing to waste time, trying to infer what you want to say in your cover letter. Use a conversational tone and make sure what you say is what you would have said if you physically met with the employer or human resource manager.

Remember to bring in what the employer may not be aware of. Always make sure you research about the hidden problems and specific needs of your employer. Most employers have difficulties which they seldom discuss with job applicants. Use your resume cover letter to let your employer know that you have the interest of the company at heart, by identifying and bringing out solutions to these difficulties. Keep in mind that employers are in search of this ingenuity in you. However, keep to the truth and never profess more than you can prove. Keep in mind that it is more ethical and convincing to understate than to overstate. GrandResume.com offers more resume tips and cover letter guidelines to help you write effective resumesand cover letters.

Resume cover letter should be properly revised and edited. Remember that in business your writing is a true representation of who and what you are. The employer will decide on your cover letter to establish a first and lasting impression about you. Proper use of grammar and punctuations permits ease of reading on the part of the employer. This equally shows that you respect your reader’s time. Use current and customary English. Take out words that make the meaning of your cover letter complex. For more on editing resumes and cover letters, see GrandResume.com