Recruiter Resume: FAQ’s

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Job description of the recruiter resume:

As a professional recruiter, you need to plan and prepare the recruitment needs in an effective and efficient manner and also think of the ways and means to execute the prepared plan.

  • As a recruiter, you need to liason within the industry through association membership, industry contacts, trade groups as well as communicate with the organization’s employees
  • You need to take the initiative in campus recruitment procedures, have to coordinate and plan the recruitment process to be conducted in various colleges every year
  • Your responsibility also covers administration work and involves maintaining records

These are some of the main responsibilities of the recruiter or the job description of the professional recruiter resume. It will help you a lot if you find out about the recruiter job description as you have to prepare a recruiter resume when you are applying for the job.

Objectives to be mentioned in the recruiter resume:

As a recruiter, your main objective is to exploit all your professional, technical and personality skills to provide good quality, efficient and healthy manpower to the organization by considering the employment requirements at the right time and placing the right candidate or the right candidate’s recruiter resume in the desired and right position in the organization.  Make sure you state that you have completed your MBA with the specialization in HR (mention specifically your qualification details like institution name, university, year of passing and the aggregate marks obtained) which will add value to your skills designed to perform the recruiter responsibilities in an efficient manner. Also make sure that previous work experience as a recruiter is covered in your resume (indicate your previous work experience details). There may be a slight change in the resume when you are applying for the job of a sales recruiter in specific domain like pharmaceutical management or even sales management.

screenshot_36The simple job description of the sales recruiter job

  • You have to plan and organize the job description of different sales positions for several companies or a particular company
  • You have to submit the prepared job description to various job portals to run a recruitment process
  • You have to shortlist the best resumes from the officially received or selected mails considering the company’s requirements
  • You have to be sure that the shorlisted candidates are capable of performing the required job and have all the qualifications specified by the client
  • Your next step is to call the shortlisted candidates to fix an interview date
  • You have to perform the interview and select the candidates who you think are the best fit for the job

Keep in mind job objectives

Consider and figure out  the job description objectives while you are preparing the recruiter resume for the job of a recruiter in general. There may be many recruitment areas you can specify in your resume like executive recruiter, entry level recruiter, college recruiter, army recruiter, staff recruiter, sales recruiter, work from home recruiter, sales team recruiter, outsourcing recruiter, office manager recruiter etc. But make sure you prepare the best resume aiming to produce the best impression considering your qualifications, the job description and employment objectives. If you aren’t sure of how to do it right then you are welcome to visit professional writing service websites like that will do the work for you at an affordable price.