Receptionist Resume

Simple Steps and Tips to Write a Receptionist Resume for a Receptionist Job:

When you need a receptionist resume

When you apply for a receptionists post, you do need a receptionist resume. The role of a receptionist includes hosting visitors, managing the front office, attending and managing telephone calls, running administration and filing procedures and generally making office work easy to carry out. As a result, you can tell that they perform multiple roles in their job. Candidates who are specifically trained and able  to perform multiple roles in their job  can easily get an opportunity to work as a receptionist in any organization. Most of the multinational companies give preference to female candidates who are pleasant looking and know how to make customers feel comfortable.

How to prepare a proper receptionist resume

screenshot_30You can follow some simple instructions to prepare the receptionist resume for the receptionist job:

  1. Give correct information about your address, contact number and your email id. Keep in mind that a recruiter would rather prefer seeing your basic information first in your resume.
  2. Include these basic details right on the front page to catch a recruiter’s attention easily.
  3. Indicate the job title that is “Receptionist” in your resume.
  4. Give your correct education details starting from the basic qualifications required for the receptionist job. Mention the institution name, education details or the degree acquired in that institution, year of passing, and aggregate marks as per your marks card records.
  5. Mention your objectives concerning the job.
  6. Talk about your previous work experience. Give proper and specific information about your previous employer. List the company’s name,You can also mention your previous salary details to make  the recruiter learn about your present salary expectations. If you are a fresher without  any experience it is better not to mention any specific salary expectation. Instead you can write ‘salary expected according to the market standards’. Then, the recruiter can interview you, evaluate your performance and fix your salary according to the market standards and the company’s policies.
  7. Specifically mention if you have worked on any particular project. Provide the project name, duration and details about the team
  8. Specify your personal skills and abilities to deal with customers, your communication skills and command of language, which gives information about your strengths to handle the receptionist job.
  9. Never forget to cover your other technical skills like your basic computer knowledge, a certificate for gaining training in any computer institution, your typing skill etc., which helps you gain an additional advantage when crafting your receprionist resume.  Also,  this can add weight to your resume for the receptionist

What makes a professional resume

After writing a receptionist resume, it is considered professional if you submit your resume with a cover letter. This article gives you some tips on writing resumes for the receptionist job, but briefly we say that you can prepare a resume cover letter addressing the employer and stating the company’s name and address. You have to provide your name, address, contact number as well indicate the job position you are applying for. All this makes a good resume for the receptionist job. If you aren’t absolutely sure of how to create the professional resume that will get you a dream job, then don’t waste time; get in touch with right away for expert help.