Quick Resume Tips

What You Should Know About Writing Your Successful Resume

Write a proper resume to impress a potential employer

The competition to get in to a good organization is becoming increasingly tough. Therefore it has become obligatory  to create the best impression on a potential employer straightaway. And the very first contact you make with an organization is built through your resume. A resume speaks a lot about your skills and capabilities and how this can be used to benefit the company you are applying to. Here are some quick resume tips to contemplate before you start writing your resume.

  • Using the right resume format is very important nowadays. Two common and time-honored resume formats are the functional and chronological formats. If you want to make a better impression on the interviewer, you can apply the chronological format as it enables a reader to go through your work history easily.
  • Grammatical errors in your resume can create a very bad impression on you. Make it a rule to proofread your resume on your own or get someone professional and experienced to edit your resume. Keep in mind that grammar and spelling checking tools you apply can overlook and omit the simplest errors.
  • Even if you follow a proper resume format, it is essential to categorize and provide proper subheadings in your resume.  Proper headings include work experience, education, skills, interests etc. By giving proper subheadings you can make your resume more presentable and organized.
  • An objective is a vital part of any resume. Your objective should always be brief and to the point. Many hiring managers take a quick glance at your objectives and make their decisions. So pay extra attention to this issue while writing your objectives. You can visit GrandResume.com to refer to some good resume samples.screenshot_42
  • If you fall under the ‘jack of all trades, master of few’, then these quick resume tips are especially for you. All you need to do is tweak your resume a bit in a way that only your positive points are highlighted.
  • Let the interviewer know that you are an expert by using industry specific terms. Jargons are used only by people who have a handsome amount of experience in the same field, thus your interviewer will get a direct message that you are an expert!
  • Never think of folding your resume in your purse or handbag! Remember never to fold, crush or crumple your resume. Don’t be in a hurry to make a quick resume. Make sure that your resume is neat and tidy. A creased or stained resume will undoubtedly land in a dustbin.
  • You may have knowledge and experience in a various industries but it’s not a good idea to dump everything in your resume. Mention only the information that is relevant to the job you are applying for.
  • Many people make a common mistake of adding a note totheir resume stating ‘Reference will be provided upon request’. Never make this mistake when building your resume. Always mention your references with their name and contact number.

Follow our quick resume tips

If you follow all the above quick resume tips and also stay confident in your interview you can rest assured of getting your dream job. You can visit GrandResume.com to learn more about writing a successful resume.