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cover-letter-witingA resume is a document submitted when applying for a specific job. A professional resume will reflect positively on the applicant and increase the chances of him being hired. A well written resume should highlight the applicant’s skills and experience that matches with the requirement of the job being applied for. There are many ways in which one can write their resumes, but how can the applicant submit a resume which looks professional?  A resume that looks professional will have a high chance of getting an interview while a one done in a sloppy manner will not.

Professional Resumes are created according to the specific job which is applied for. When creating a resume it is important that your resume be noticed among all the others.   An effective resume has few basic elements which needs to be included in your own resume too if it’s to serve its purpose.

  • There are four basic types you will be able to utilize when creating a resume.  These are, chronological, functional, targeted or combination.  It is important that the applicant understand what these types are, and situations to which they are applicable for and how to write them.
  • The formats and layouts of resumes have changed over the years. Therefore, it is necessary for you to find out which are the modern methods of writing a resume. The importance of this point is that you do not want to submit a resume which is old fashioned.  There are many online resources that offer free samples of resumes and you can use these as a guideline before the writing process.
  • All Professional Resumes should be planned and outlined before writing. Planning allows you to identify which are the key requirements of the job and then to identify the most relevant of your skills, experience and qualifications that match these requirements. Resumes written without pre planning contains all sort of irrelevant information such as the height and weight of the applicant to the first aid course he or she underwent in high school. This will all sound ridiculous if you were applying for a junior executive post in a software company!
  • The resume gives the potential employer an idea of your caliber and competencies; therefore, if written shoddily, it reflects on your job capabilities. So, proofread your work and ensure formal written language is used.
  • The actual writing process of your resume will be a challenging task.  There are many sites online which provide information on how to format, what type to use, and dos and don’ts of resume writing.  Using this as a guideline will help you in writing a better resume.
  • The length of the resume depends on the qualifications and achievements of the applicant.  But if should not be too long. Keeping your resume short (maximum two pages) will allow the employers to scan what is required.
  • Creating a powerful objective statement of profile statement is the most crucial element of a successfully written resume.

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