Professional CV

How to Write a Professional Curriculum Vitae

What purpose does a professional CV serve?

A professional curriculum vitae should always aim at exposing a professional or CV writer as a right person for taking over a certain job. This document is primarily designed to highlight your accomplishments and achievements as those of a reliable professional.

screenshot_15Do a little research

Before starting to write your CV, it is necessary to do a little research on the employer’s needs. What does it mean? It means you will have to study the job requirements as well as the job qualifications very attentively. You will also have to study the organization procedure and structure of a company where you intend to work. This will be indicated in your employment objective. Keep in mind that you are supposed to prove that you really want  to work and not just to get employed.

List your skills

Skills are the marketable commodities of every professional. Use a draft to list down everything in the skills section. List what you have learnt to do either at your previous full time or part time jobs or during your education. A real professional should never get worried if he or she fails to show proof of previous job positions. The truth is that being a professional you necessarily possess transferable skills to be further developed when put to use. Most contemporary employers prefer to hire skills and have them upgraded and enhanced through on-the-job training.

Carefully study your accomplishments

The best way to demonstrate your work experience vital to a professional curriculum vitae is to figure out only what is directly related to a position you are applying for. When accomplishments are read, two questions always come to the employer’s mind:

  • How can the company benefit from hiring a person with these accomplishments?
  • How can this accomplishment be compared to those of other applicants?

It is essential if you use your accomplishments to let the employer know that you have succeeded in the past as well as believe that success is guaranteed in the future. Remember that nowadays employers tend to be more result oriented when looking for evidence of marketable skills. offers more CV guidelines and samples to help you achieve this goal.

What else you should do before submitting your CV

Use selling clauses to translate all the above into a winning curriculum vitae. This requires you to take into serious consideration many other things like using a proper curriculum vitae format and a correct curriculum vitae template. Your CV should be attractive, short and simple. Make sure that your CV covers every major and compulsory section.

Your professional curriculum vitae, while highlighting your strengths, should steer clear of issues relating to salary expectations, preferences for work schedule, comments on remuneration, travel limits, reasons for quitting any previous occupation and personal information.

A professional CV  should be revised and edited. You will want to revise and edit every word and phrase you include to your CV to make it look professional. Every word in your CV should have a striking meaning and this should be understood by your employer. For more information and tips on revising and editing a curriculum vitae, visit