Open the Doors to Your Success with Grand Resume

It’s said that, “The more things change the more they stay the same.”On the labor market nothing could be further from the truth. On one hand, things are still the same in terms resume is still thelitmus test for deciding whether you have the ability, experience and qualifications to justify a face-to-face meeting and subsequent job offer. On the other hand, things have greatly changed: it is much more competitive to get the best jobs now than it was a decade ago. So, how have we handled this new level of competition? We simply adjusted by having better resumes.

In the matter of fact, there is always a reasonable limit for the number of interviews that can be given. In order to get the job, a candidate needs to get one of those interviews. With such a sharp competition, there is only one way out – a stunning resume. Today’s labor market forces you to stand out among the rest; you have to tailor you resume or CV and cover letter to the requirements of the employer. Even if you have all necessary qualifications and the best experience, a boring, poorly formatted resume won’t cut it. Your complete application has to be perfect and represent you in the best possible way and Grand Resume can, without a doubt, craft that kind of resume for you.

Grand Resume offers all the services you need to open-up as many opportunities as possible for your career’s success. We can develop your resume, CV or cover letter from scratch or edit the ones that you already have in hand, regardless we will increase your chances by placing your application in the top 10%. We also offer additional services such as resume translation and distribution, specialized resume writers for military and federal positions, as well as recent graduates and people considering a career change. We provide everything you need to take you to the interview stage. Keep in touch with the changes in the modern job market by having one of the outstanding, competitive resumes.

Resume Writing

Resume WritingYour resume has to say all the right things wherever you submit it; otherwise, it will be tossed away with barely a look. With GrandResume’s services you’ll get over the screening process every time.

Resume Editing

Resume EditingAnybody can write a resume, but the difficult part is getting HR specialists to look at it. Our writers know exactly what they want to see, so they can edit your resume so it stands out.


CV Writing

CV WritingAs an accomplished professional, you need all of your achievements, including research and published works, arranged on your CV to maximize the interest of recruiters.


CV Editing

CV EditingIf you already have a CV, but it’s not performing as well as expected, our experts can edit it for you so that all your accomplishments are geared for maximum exposure and appeal.


Cover letter writing

Cover letter writingYour cover letter is your opportunity to say positive things about yourself that are not suited for your resume. Our writers can compose your letter to compel recruiters to read your resume.

Resume Critique

Resume CritiqueOur professional resume writers can offer you an unbiased and objective opinion of your resume/CV so that you know how to take your career to the next level on your own.