Our Guarantee

With Grand Resume You are Guaranteed Interviews

We at Grand Resume know that your resume is an important investment and that it needs to give you back some good returns in order for it to be considered successful. Simply put, we have not done our jobs properly if you aren’t receiving any callbacks on your resume and this is why we offer you a money back guarantee.

If after having received the final copy of your resume you don’t receive any offers for an interview within a period of 30 days, send it back to us and our writers will rewrite it completely free of charge. This is the level of our commitment to you and we will stand by it every time.

This level of guarantee should also indicate to you something about our services. If we are willing to stick to the guarantee of complete rewrite of your resume free of charge when you aren’t getting interviews – it must mean that our resumes are pretty successful. This is not just a logical deduction – it’s a fact. After more than ten years in business we can proudly say that we have a success rate of more than 97% with our resumes. We don’t think that you will find many other services out there that can offer you this level of satisfaction.

Have your resume completed the right way with Grand Resume.