Office Manager Resume

Helpful Tips on Creating an Office Manager Resume

Drafting an office manager resume can be a little tricky since an office manager takes care of running a company’s administrative activities including supervision, reporting, payroll, and maintenance. Please note, your resume may be overloaded with information if each and every detail is covered. At the same time you cannot omit the important information. Let us see how you can draft a balanced and attractive office manager resume.

Name and Contact Details

You must always start your resume by writing your name followed by your contact details. You can align your name and contact details either to the left or the center but avoid aligning details to the right because the right-hand alignment may not look very professional and tends to make a text difficult to read.


Writing a summary about your professional achievements, skills, and interests is a good way to impress your potential employer. Try to highlight your achievements and skills briefly – this section should not exceed 4 to 5 lines as many experienced hiring managers will judge your resume by reading just the summary in your resume.  If you find it difficult to write an attractive summary, you can seek help from professional resume writing sites like

Professional Background and Accomplishments
screenshot_29Your office manager resume must contain information on professional achievements. You can make this section more presentable categorizing your achievements. For example, you can create a sub heading called ‘Administration and Management’ and list all your achievements in administration and management areas. The next sub-heading can be ‘Business and Technology’ in this section. For example, you can include achievements like ‘Improved business processes by suggesting viable and cost-effective technology/software’.

All information you include in the accomplishments sectionshould be unique and demonstrate your creative knowledge and management skills. One of important traits of an office manager is a problem solving ability. So, you will make your resume stand out, if you describe your accomplishments in handling tough organizational issues.

Work History

Another important section in your resume is your work history. List the organizations you have worked with so far in a reverse chronological order. When you do so, also add a brief of your roles and responsibilities in each organization.


No resume is complete without the education section. In this section, you need to provide the details about a degree you hold, the school or college you where you obtained your degree, and also a brief about your majors and specializations.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Your resume should reflect you as a responsible and talented person who can enhance the daily operation of the business
  • Use appropriate keywords in your resume. Only when you use apt keywords in your resume your awareness of the company’s requirements and interests will be shown
  • It is highly recommended to use industry specific terms in your office manager resume
  • You may have accomplished a lot of things and tasks in your previous jobs but make sure that all your points are precise and meaningful. Learn more about dos and don’ts by visiting to see resume samplesand use helpful tips and tricks.