Objectives for a Resume

Do Not Believe Those Saying That Resume Objectives Are Obsolete

What Are the Best Objectives for a Resume?

resume3These days, some people may try to tell you that writing objectives for a resume is obsolete. This could not be farther from the truth. There are only a very few occasions when objectives are not recommended. These situations are very specific and even then, if you can find a way to do so, an objective is recommended. Many job seekers are confused or unsure about how to write objectives. They do not know what they should say. Hopefully we will be able to illuminate that topic for you in the following article.

What Should My Objective Say?

As mentioned, a large number of applicants have no idea what a resume objective even is. They do not know its purpose. As such, they do not know what to say when writing one. That is completely understandable. However, once you discover the purpose for an objective, coming up with proper ones is quite easy. The following tips may help you immensely.

Seek and Ye Shall Find

When you are writing objectives for a resume, the best thing to do is start out with what you are actually looking for in the job. Consider the following beginnings:

  • To find employment in the banking industry.
  • To further my career in management.
  • To secure employment as a nurse.

These are just a few examples of how to state what, specifically, you are seeking. Other good resume examples may be found at GrandResume.com. As you can see from these samples, an objective has a purpose. Ideally, it should be tailored to a specific job. In other words, if you have a standard resume you send out with every application, an objective like this may not work. If you are applying to jobs all within the same industry, it will. Otherwise, you need to take your time to tailor your objective before sending out your resume.

writing-_girlWhat Can You Do for Them?

Potential employers want to know what you are bringing to the table. How will you help the company if given the position? Here, the following phrases and others alike can emphasize your qualifications:

  • …using my ability to organize and multitask…
  • …wherein my extensive background in the field of health care…
  • …in which I can call on my skills in customer service…

In keeping with this idea, potential employers also want to know exactly how you will benefit the company. What will you do? If you can make a contribution to the culture of the company, increase revenue, increase productivity, or things of that nature, it belongs in your objective.

Writing objectives for a resume is an excellent way to tell the hiring manager exactly what you will do for the company. This may be able to give you an advantage over other applicants. It is a good idea to write a separate objective for each separate position to which you apply. Because there are definitely do’s and don’ts when writing an objective, you will benefit from checking out the information and viewing great resume eamples available at GrandResume.com on this topic.