Model Resume Writing Tips

Model resume slightly differs from other forms of business correspondence

This is the more reason why writing this resume means you should write clearly and accurately. Remember that figures have proven that most organizations tend to prefer job applicants who can write clearly, accurate and effective. Good resume writing has a clear purpose and succeeds towards meeting the goals of that purpose. To write a professional resume, you need to have a purpose in mind, you need to research on the specific needs of your employer and you need to present information in a careful and precise manner. Always commit to memory that when you make an outward presentation through a resume, your writing is a true representation of whom you are; and when you post a resume in response to a job advert, your writing represents how valuable you can be to the organization.

model-resumeKnow Your Purpose

To write a good resume, keep your purpose in mind. This will give you the ability to select and present resume information in a careful and precise manner and it will give you an edge over other applicants. The main aim of writing the model resume is to motive the employer to call you up for a job interview. This should be your final outcome. If you know your purpose, this will mean that you should keep your resume focused from the employer’s point of view. There is only one way to this; and this is to make a preliminary research about the specific needs of the employer. Keep in mind that the secret to motivate every employer is by proving that you acknowledge a shared interest in what is going on in the organization. Always focus on what the employer will benefit.

Assemble Your Skills and Abilities

These are your arsenals to writing an attention grabbing resume. Assemble your academic qualifications and work experience and use an appropriate resume format to present these to the employer. You can arrange your resume using a chronological resume format or a functional resume format. You can equally download a resume template from to get a view of how information should be organized on your resume.

Present Information Carefully

Employers and hiring managers are busy executives who will not fritter away hours on a disorganized resume. Whether you are aware of it or not, much of what you write on your resume will be used to make a first and lasting impression about you. Make sure your model resume is kept to a resume length of one page. If you have extensive academic qualifications and work experiences that may take your resume to the next page, make sure that you keep it to the point.

Model resume should be concluded with a list of references. For every employer you have worked for, include the full names, the title and responsibilities for each job. offers more resume tips to help you complete this section of your resume.