Job Seekers

Job Seekers Should Equip Themselves with the Best Resumes and Cover Letters

job-seekerA Job Seeker is someone who is currently seeking a job. This may be because he or she has recently graduated and ready to join the workforce or because he or she is currently unemployed. It could also be the case that the job seeker is planning to change the current employment hence, in the look out for a new work opportunity. Depending on these situations, the urgency of job seeking process will vary. Which ever is the situation; all those seeking jobs need to equip themselves with high quality resumes and cover letters in order to succeed in the job search.

If you are on the look out for a new employment, then you will respond to job vacancies that have been advertised. In this situation, the cover letter will be in the form of a cover letter, stating that you are applying for the particular job which has been advertised in the newspaper or the website. It could also be that you are a pro-active employment seeker, hence writing to prospective organizations, inquiring of a possible job opening. Then the cover letter will be in the form of a prospecting letter. A functional Resume is appropriate in this case as you may posses many skills which you can inform to the reviewer of the resume and let them decide on suitable job availability. If you are a recent college graduate, the same can be applicable to you.There are many resource sites in the Internet providing diverse array of information to individuals who are currently seeking jobs. Some of these sites are operated by government organizations such as the Department of Labor or Ministry of Employment. Individuals who are in the process of locating a suitable job can browse through these sites which provide data bases of job openings as well as a host of information such as labour market conditions, wage rates, labour laws etc. These sites also provide valuable guidance on how to create effective resumes, CVs and cover letters which will benefit those wanting to secure employment.

If you are currently seeking a job, then here are few tips to follow to broaden your chances of becoming employed.

1.    Be flexible and be prepared to consider different fields of employment for which you may have the skills. It may not be in your main line of work experience but you may in-fact possess the required skills that makes you a perfect candidate.

2.    Have a master file for your qualifications, work experience and skills information. You can easily refer to this file when you are creating a new resume or CV.

3.    Educate yourself on proper means of creating effective resumes, CVs and Cover letters. Write a separate CV or a resume and a cover letter for each different job you are applying. Never use a standard resume for all the jobs. You must target your resume or CV as well as the cover letter to different requirements of each job.

4.    Be widely familiar on how to make use of different resume or CV formats. Chronological resumes are good when you are seeking jobs in the same field in which you have many years of work experience. Functional CVs are good for graduates and those wishing to change field of work. A Combination CV can benefit from combining skills and a concise experience section. By knowing the merits and demerits of each format, you will know which is best suited for different job opportunities.

If you are a serious Job Seeker, you will be in no doubt of the importance of an effective CV or resume and cover letter. If you are not confident of your own writing skills, it is best that you get it done by a professional resume writing firm such as Our writers know how best to portray your skills and make your prospective employer realize the possible value you can contribute to the organization. is well known to create outstanding resumes and cover letters that have helped many clients to end their job seeking and become employed. Visit website for more details and sample work that can give you a preview of what your resume too could look like.