Job CV

Guidelines on Writing a Better Job CV

What is job CV writing all about?

Job CV writing seeks to reveal your marketable skills to a potential employer. Therefore, writing a good CV requires you to collect all necessary information and present your profile in a very convincing manner to grab the employer’s attention. This is a reason why you should begin writing this form of CV with a good opening.

What is a reason for you writing a job CV?

This is the most crucial aspect of CV writing if your wish your CV to catch the employer’s attention. If you are writing your CV hoping to get a job, make sure you let the employer realize right from the start that you are applying for a job. A poor beginning will sound unconvincing and unprofessional.

If you write a CV just because of an existing job vacancy, avoid repeating the job advert wordings. Remember that time wasted in business is money lost. Make sure your CV opening sounds very positive, career oriented and highly professional.

State your career objective

Use an objective statement to prove that you are aware of the company’s activity and organization procedure. Employers tend to favor CVs and cover letters proving that the applicant understands the company’s needs. Also, it means that the company’s objectives are your priorities. However, do not sound too pompous and overambitious. Since most job openings are advertised in the Internet, it will be easy for you to carry out a little research on what a certain job position requires and what employers expect of job seekers.

screenshot_38Demonstrate your qualifications and skills

Use your qualifications and job experience to see yourself through the eyes of your potential employer. Your main concern at this point will be to highlight your qualifications complying with the employer’s needs. Listing your accomplishments is the best way to demonstrate your qualifications.
Let the employer know how well your qualifications will combine with your job experience to qualify you for the job and how it is going to contribute to the company. offers more guidelines designed to help you craft a good CV.

The education and job experience section can be combined or written separately. Whatever form you choose to do it, never confuse education with experience. Also, most recent graduates will have little or no job experience to cover in their CVs. This should not bother you because you can mention any training course such as internship or workshops to compensate for job experience. Moreover, lots of employers prefer hiring promising skills and then training these skills in the workplace.

Present your CV in a proper manner

Job CVs should be presented as you will present any piece of business information. Present information carefully, use a proper tone and keep your CV readable and short. Use the active voice to advertise yourself as somebody who is willing, able and happy to do things. Keep you CV limited to a page. It can be extended to two pages if you have extensive qualifications and work experience. For more resources, tips and samples on how to write a good job CV, visit