How to Write a Resume

Knowing How to Write a Resume is a Critical Skill for a Job Seeker

resume-objectiveResumes are submitted when applying for vacancies and as such, knowing how to write a resume is an important skill for the applicant. A résumé is a document which is submitted when applying for a specific job. Its objective is to provide relevant information on the applicant to the recruiter. Such information includes contact data, the work experience and educational qualifications. Résumés are used mainly in the United States while CV or Curriculum Vitae are common in other countries.

Although there are few differences between the CV and the résumé the main difference lies in the length. A résumé is much shorter than the CV. As a result it will give only a summary of experiences and skills relevant to the job applied for.  This will be done by highlighting the accomplishments which will show the potential employer that he is the right candidate for the job

Educating Your Self

If you are trying to educate yourself on how to write a resume, internet is a good source of information. There are plenty of samples as well as resume templates that can be adopted. But it is important to make sure that you do not copy from these directly. You can also refer to some hand books which provide guidelines on good resume writing. Knowing the basics such as proper format, and the key information elements to be included will help you write effectively.

Write Concisely

First step in learning how to write a resume involves learning to write concisely. In contrast to curriculum vitae, a résumé will not go into detail about the accomplishments and experience of the applicant.  It will only highlight and summarize what is relevant to the job in context. This is actually easier said than done. Applicants most often wonder how they can summarize their work experience and qualifications in to one page. The solution is to keep the most current and relevant details. Write your resume, targeting the job so that only the skills and expertise that matters to the job is made available. Use bullet points and short sentences than long and winding paragraphs.

Plan First

Plan your writing process prior to actually writing a resume. State the job, its profile and its requirements in one side of a paper and list the skills, qualifications and work experience that matches the profile and requirements of the job. Also list out some action verbs that concisely state your work experience. You can find lists of action verbs in most of the CV and resume writing advice sites. Develop your profile statement or the objective statement in the planning stage.

Overall Presentation

The outer appearance of the résumé is also as important as the inner content. Hence, it is better if the résumé is written on standard white paper of high quality, accompanies by a white envelope. Word processed and laser printed resumes will contribute better 0to the overall image. Another key requirement in how to write a resume is to recheck the completed resume for accuracy and appropriateness. Ask yourself the following questions.

1.    Are the strengths needed for the job highlighted?
2.    Does the résumé project a positive outlook?
3.    Does the résumé contain all the requirements of the job?

Once the following questions have been answered in the résumé, the applicant can finalize the resume, save, print and mail it out. Always keep a hard copy of your Resume.

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