How to Write a Good Resume

Knowing How to Write a Good Resume Can Greatly Enhance Your Chances of Being Hired

accounting_resume_sampleA résumé is written when a person is applying for a specific job. This comprises of a person’s profile, qualifications, as well as job experience if any. A résumé is the first contact an employer makes with a prospective employee and hence an important element of the recruitment decision. The résumé if well written and effective will pave way to an interview which will give the employer a chance to meet the applicant face to face.

Since the applicant is dependent on the résumé to make the correct impression in the first place and help him get an interview, an excellent job of writing it goes without reiterating. The secret of a good resume is that it should be written clearly, highlighting the applicants strengths and stand out from all the rest.  If written in unprofessional manner the recruiting personnel are unlikely to waste their time in even glancing through it. Below are a few pointers on How to Write a Good Resumewhich can be utilized by applicants to polish up their resumes to high quality.


There are basically three types of résumé formats. These are Chronological, Functional and Targeted. Use the most appropriate depending upon your circumstances. The Chronological format will list all experience from most to least recent, whereas, the Functional format, will list all experience under skill headings. This will allow the applicant to write his skills by impact. Targeted format which pitch the skills which best match the job requirements for the posted vacancy.


The length of the résumé should not exceed 2 pages in any case and 1 page concise ones are considered most effective. It is necessary to take in to account that the employers will be reading many résumés and it is important not to bore them with a long and winded résumé. Think of TV commercials that you like. There are compacted in to 30 seconds at most times but deliver the massage profoundly. So, make it “Short” and make it “Sweet” as you too are doing a marketing job here.

Job Objective or a Skill Profile

It is of primary importance to state what position the applicant is looking for or what skills are in applicant’s possession. This will let the employers decide upon the suitable position and evaluate the applicant’s suitability for the job. Writing the job objective or a skills profile will provide specific information to the recruiter on this matter.

Gaps in Job Record

Another important tip on how to write a good resume is on how you should handle gaps in your employment record. When there are recurrent gaps and breaks in employment, it is better to use other resume formats than chronological resumes. This will take the focus away from the time periods of work record. But if you had done some worthwhile project or activity during that period, it can be clearly mentioned for the benefit of the employer. It can be that the applicant took a 2 year break to pursue academic studies or a foreign posting in an NGO or time off to raise children. Such commitments to other areas of live sometimes add value to your personality. The main thing to note is that you should not let your confidence be undermined by such gaps.

Work History

How far back a person should state his job experience is at the applicant’s discretion.  It is recommended that about 10 to 15 years back is sufficient information.

Hobbies vs. Character Attributes

Unless relevant to the applied job this is not a necessity. It will be a waste of the employer’s time to have to sit and read unnecessary information. You can instead provide a list of your key personality attributes which should be targeted towards the job profile. For instance if the post is in the service front line, then character attributes such as extrovert, diplomatic, helpful are useful. But for an accountancy post the need is for characteristics such as systematic, methodical etc.
Writing your own résumé is a challenging job, especially if you are not sure on how to do it. One method of getting information on how to write a good résumé is to buy a hand book on how to do it correctly. If that does not appeal to you there are many online resume writing services which will help you to write your résumé. is one of the top rung firms providing resume writing assistance as an online service. We will write a résumé tailor made to your specifications. experts will write your résumé in a way that is clear, unique and portray your skills and expertise in the best light.