How to Create a Resume

Knowing How to Create a Resume is a Vital Skill

resume-writingHow to create a resume is an important skill which everyone who plans to apply for a job must acquire. When applying for a job, either a resume or a CV is a must and hence the knowledge of how to create an impressive resume comes as a priority. A resume is a document which summarizes all experiences and skills relevant to the job applied for. An effective resume will convince the recruiter that the candidate has potential for the job and that he or she must be given an interview opportunity.

Quality not Quantity

An applicant with a good understanding of how to create a quality resume will know that it has to be a one page concise document. Resume means summary and hence the information has to be very relevant. The timeline of work experience may also need to be restricted to 6-7 years. Use bullet points, short sentences and action verbs to present the information.

Appropriate Structure

As with a CV, a resume, will state contact information on top of the page. This includes the name, address, telephone number, fax and email. The age, sex and marital status are not included in a resume.

Next part of learning how to create a resume is to write a good objective statement. In this portion of the resume the applicant should state the job applied for and what career goals the applicant aims to achieve. This gives the employer an idea as to what type of job the applicant is seeking. Be specific so that there are no misunderstandings. A point to note is that “objective statement” is increasingly being replaced with a “skills profile.” This present the applicant’s strength and expertise in a concise statement, making the employer understand what the applicant is capable of contributing to the organization.

Next element of a resume is to present the work experience effectively. The accurate method is to start with the most recent job and go backwards on the experience. All achievements gained during this stage should also be mentioned. Stating the time period, the position, the company and the role performed and achievements made. Do not include long list of duties performed.

Another point to note in how to create a resume is the structure which should be applied for presenting the educational qualifications. The time period, the name of the school, college or university, the city and country (if an international establishment), and the qualification received should be clearly stated.  Any vocational or academic seminars or training workshops or symposiums attended can be mentioned which could be relevant to the job.

Image and Appearance

A resume should not only be written well but also presented well. Use standard white paper of high quality and matching envelops. The font to be used is a formal one such as Times New Roman or Arial and recommended font size is size 12. Use of a laser printer is most appropriate but if not available, print it in good quality instead of a draft quality. You may choose to bold section headings and layout the resume in a stylish and clear fashion that can set it apart from the rest of the standard resumes.

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