How to Write a Government Resume

Government resume is written when appling for government jobs.

What should be noted here is that most government positions require resumes from job applicants and the requirements of these resumes is not the same with writing a general resume. In most cases, a government resume will ask for more information that any other type of resume. The federal type, or government  resume will mostly require you to write your resume following the guidelines of a chronological resume. Therefore, you will make use of a resume style that will lay much emphasis on solid qualifications and achievements resulting from an extensive work history; and these qualifications and achievements should all relate to a particular career field – this should equally relate to the government opening.

This type of resume will further require you to highlight your qualifications as well as your work history and these must be related to each other. Remember that these are going to set forth what you have accomplished over the years. This resume will be especially good for those seeking to fill government openings and who have had solid qualifications, steady work history in a particular field, have progressively moved towards a particular career path and have gained the required skills for that government opening.

One of the first requirements of this government resume is that it should be typed out clearly. It should also be kept short and simple. In most cases, government openings will require you to write a one page resume length. This does not however rule out the possibility of writing a professional resume which goes beyond a page. This is particular if your educational qualifications and work history are so extensive. However, if your resume should go above a page, it should be composed of important information. It should be clear and precise. Steer clear of wordiness. For more on resume format, see

This type of resume should contain all the necessary resume information that should be found in every resume. Make sure your name and contact details are placed at the top of the page. Remember that reference should always be made to the job opening with the title and reference of the job. You can download a resume template from to help you have an idea of what should be included or excluded and where to place information on your resume.

Government resume should be given appropriate revision and editing. What you should know is that there are so many applicants, even more qualified than you, submitting resumes and cover letters to fill one resume position. You can be different from them if you put yourself in the position of an employer, scanning through to make sure that the resume is simple and easy to read, that the resume is attractive, organized and the appropriate format is maintained. Keep in mind that how well you organize and present information on your resume influences your credibility and boosts your chances of obtaining an interview.