Good Resumes

Good Resumes Gets the Job Done

Most of us can manage to write a resume but whether it is a good resume or not is a critical question. Whether or not a resume is good will depend upon its effectiveness in getting the applicant an interview. Therefore, it has to act as a good advertisement of the applicant and make the recruiter select it from the large number of completing options.

cover-letter-witingA resume has approximately 30 seconds to a minute maximum in convincing the prospective employer that the applicant has merit. Therefore an effective resume will capture the reader’s attention through the first few lines of its content. There are no hard and fast rules on how to write a good resume. What is important is that it should be noticed and show the recruiter that you got what it takes to do their job well.
A good resume is therefore made up of two important sections. One which should appear in the first part of the document is aimed at getting more than a cursory glance from the employer. The second section provides the evidence to your claim made in the first section. The first section is more of marketing oriented writing where the applicant should pitch the skills and capabilities to the job requirements. You should show to the prospective employer that 1) you are clear of what is expected from the job 2) that you know what it takes to do well in the job and 3) that you have these qualities. You must tell the recruiter what you can contribute to the organization and not what you expect from the job for your self. The best way to do this is with an Objective statement. A good objective statement will tell what post you are interested in and what key qualities required by the job is possessed by you. An example of an effective objective that will market your suitability as a business development manager for a consumer food company would be as follows:

OBJECTIVE – To work in the position of a Business Development Manager in a dynamic and customer oriented firm seeking exceptional capabilities of developing new business through generating new key accounts, building foreign markets and exploring unexplored business segments.

Such a statement makes your recruiter realize that you know what it takes to perform well in the given post and that you are claiming to possess these skills. The next section of a good resume moves on to establish with clear evidence that you actually have these capabilities you claimed. Work experience relevant to the job in context is the main evidence and the key achievements in these jobs reiterate your abilities. The educational qualifications back up your expertise and knowledge. You can also include a special section termed as “Highlights” in the resume which provides 4-5 key achievements which makes you the most perfect candidate for the job. This section can be followed by the rest of the standard items as the work experience and educational qualifications.

While it is important to use proper resume format, correct language, appropriate layout and suitable writing style, these are merely the pre requisites of any resume. What makes it a good resume and set it apart from the rest lies on how well you have conveyed the message that YOU are the One for THIS JOB

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