What free resume formats are available online?

How to Choose an Online Resume  Format that Suits Your Resume Goals Best

You have decided to seek a new job to satisfy your thirst for more challenges. The dream job opening is right in front of you, you also have all the qualifications that they have asked for. What are you going to do now? Yes, the first thing you need to do is to write a well thought out and attractive resume. Don’t worry if you haven’t prepared a resume for a long time! There are millions of free resume formats available online. You can refer to them to draft your own personalized resume.

Are you heading for google search now? Hold on a second! Before you start your search take a look at the different types of resume formats available to avoid using an inappropriate format. Basically there are three main types of resumes available online. They are chronological or reverse chronological, functional, and combination.

Chronological Resume Format

This is one of the very conventional yet common formats used among the job seekers of today. In this format all you need to do is to list your education details, awards, academic achievements and experience in the reverse order. That is, moving from the current or latest year to the year you started your career or completed your graduation. Your career growth can be best highlighted in a chronological or reverse chronological resume format. Many hiring managers and HRs prefer it too because it is easy to read. You can find a large collection of free resume formats, including the chronological format for all types of profession, and good resume samples presented at GrandResume.com

Functional Resume Format

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This resume format will best suit you if you are fresh out of college or if you want to make a career change. Because a functional resume format gives a summary of your qualifications structured by education and experience gained through internships and trainings, achievements obtained in schools or colleges, and skills acquired through work experience. Yet please note that this format serves to emphasize your academic qualifications, not your work experience.

Combination Resume Format

A combination resume as the name suggests, is a combination of the chronological and the functional resume formats. In this format you can present your best educational qualifications and skills in the first part and support them with your work experience in the second half.  This format can best suit you if you do not have enough experience in handling multiple projects or if you have been working in the same designation/organization for years. This is one of easily available free resume formats online.

Apart from these three free resume formats, there are many other formats that are available free online. For example if you are applying for a professor, lecturer, or research assistant positions in any university you will be asked for a CV. The basic difference between a CV and a resume is length. A resume is generally short and will not exceed two pages whereas a CV goes on for two or more pages. A CV contains detailed descriptions on each page whereas every section gives a larger picture of your education and experience. If you wish to find out about this difference yourself, visit GrandResume.com that offers a splendid collection of writing tips and free resume and CV samples.