The Essentials of a Fax Resume

What You Should Know Before Faxing Your Resume to an Employer

Treat a fax resume as an ordinary resume

A fax resume should be given the same consideration as writing an ordinary resume.  Just like an online resume, the fax resume will be sent instantly to the employer. However, you should recall that this resume will not be written in a text form, it will have to be printed before being faxed. Therefore, your resume has to be written and organized so that an employer can find information easily and act quickly. Therefore, pay close attention to printing and faxing.

screenshot_43Fashion your resume properly

The manner of presenting your resume will have a great impact on the visual impression of an employer. Therefore, always take time to estimate the length of your resume before you print it. Remember that there should be a balance between information and the space of your page. For example, it would be disorganized to start printing your resume at the top of a page and leave half a page blank. Also steer clear of cramming a lot of information on a page simply because you want to maintain a resume length of one page.

Leave ample margins on all sides of the paper. There is usually a default margin if you use a word processor to compose your resume. Leave more the blank area at the top than at the bottom of your resume. Choose a font type that is pleasant to read. Steer clear of using any fancy font type.  Remember that your aim is to help the employer  through you resume. Your resume will be worthless if the contents cannot be grasped by the employer. For more resume assistance for printing your resume, read resume tips and view excellent resume samples presented at

Proofread your resume

When you are through with drafting your resume, revise and edit it before printing. Check for errors relating to facts, dates and names. Remember that you are responsible for the final resume. There should be a balance of what you write and the employer’s needs and requirements. Remember that the first impression about you and your resume is established as soon as the employer has visual contact with your resume.

What you should do before faxing a resume

Once you realize that you have written an excellent resume, you can print the resume to be faxed. When you fax a resume, you should consider the following tips: be careful not to fax a resume which exceeds two pages. Keep in mind that the call line of an employer may become congested with heavy and long documents. Therefore, call the employer to be certain if a long resume can be acceptable. Make sure that your resume is clear. The resume should equally contain your contact details.

Your fax resume should be directed to the right person. This is often the case when you are addressing your resume to a particular person. Always verify if more than one recipient is using the same fax number. This is to ensure that your resume is promptly received and considered by the right person. For more guidelines on writing and faxing your resume, see