How to Write an Excellent Resume

Excellent resume writing goes far beyond a mere presentation of who you are

What you should know about writing a resume is that your aim is to arouse the employer to call you up for an interview. Therefore, writing a resume should be considered as writing a piece of marketing paper with the intention of selling yourself to the employer.

chronological-resumeStart With an Attention-grabbing Resume Title

A title that grabs the attention of the employer is a title which matches the job under description. What you should know is that there are numerous resumes in front of the employer and every employer only scans through each resume in search of what he or she is looking for. Therefore, make sure you use keywords and phrases that are directly related to the position you are applying for.

Create a Merchantable Content

Every employer has something specific to look for in your resume. This is the more reason why you should list only these qualifications as well as experience that are related to the job. Therefore, you should carry out some research about the requirements of the job ahead of writing your resume. Keep in mind that evidence of irrelevant qualities in your resume denotes lack of qualification, experience or doubt on your part.

Write With a Purpose

Excellent resume writing involves writing with a clear purpose. Always write with a purpose in mind and establish a means of achieving that purpose. To write an effective resume, you should know your purpose in writing, know what the prospective employer is looking for, use appropriate words and phrases and present information carefully. Keep in mind that the manner in which you write represents you. This also gives the employer an impression on how you are going to relate to the company if employed.

Use Powerful Words and Phrases

Although your resume should be kept short and simple, you should however make use of words and phrases which suggest the level of job you are applying to and which represents your qualifications and experiences. Let your employer be confident that you are truly what you represent in your resume. This equally gives the employer confidence that you are going to bring about positive changes in the organization. Strategies for doing this can be found in

Excellent resume should be concluded with an identification of the needs of the employer and establish a way of taking care of these needs. This will require you to do some research, not only about the resume position you are applying for, but about the whole organization. Provide evidence that you can handle more than your job as well as coordinate resources to bring about efficiency. Every employer is interested in an applicant who proves his or her eagerness, confidence and commitment about the wellbeing of the organization. For more resume tips in writing professional resumes and effective resumes, see