Email Resume

Useful Tips on Writing a Good Email Resume

An email resume is a form of online resume which takes a resume writer to a different environment of communication. Thanks to the Internet, more and more employers are advertising jobs as well as their products online and more employees are getting their jobs online. Therefore, one of the most used features online is writing email resumes.

Why do many employers prefer email resumes?

What you should know at this point is that most employers prefer using email resumes because they find them more convenient to store and retrieve information from database. Employers also believe that when browsing the Internet they can easily get in touch with a great number of more qualified and more experienced job applicants. Keep in mind that through the Internet information reaches a broader audience more quickly and efficiently than any other type of business correspondence.

If you wish to write this type of a resume, be ready to go far beyond writing an ordinary resume. Remember that your main aim is to market your skills to the employer. Thus, the quicker you can prepare and submit a resume, the better your chances of getting the job are. Going far beyond ordinary resume writing should not scare you. Most features found in a conventional resume will be found in this resume. But you may need something more than an ordinary resume form like a resume template to customize and add various details to your resume.

screenshot_12What you should know when writing email resumes

Writing email resumes does not completely eliminate various aspects of writing a conventional resume. Everything remains the same, but for including automatic features in your resume. For example, a normal resume should be limited to a page or two. But an email resume may exceed two or more pages. Yet remember that you should use hyperlinks to highlight major sections of your resume. This also helps the employer to steer quickly through every section of your resume. offers more resume guidelines on making use of hyperlinks to ease readability.

When you decide to write a resume and send it online, make sure it is written clearly. Avoid using a hypertext or stylish fonts. Remember that the employer will have to read your resume on a computer monitor. Use a simple style. Your resume should be written in a text document. This will make it easy for every employer to open or download it.

A difference between email and ordinary resumes

Your email resume may look different than a conventional resume. On the other hand, you must observe certain rules when you write online. Make sure your resume is posted to the precise address. Remember that with a conventional email, there is still a possibility that you resume may go through. But this is not the same for email resumes. You should equally have a correct return address and this should be checked regularly. Keep in mind that online writing means that the employer may respond at any time. For more resume tipsĀ  and resume samples to write and mail your resume online, see