CV Tips

CV Tips Are Useful In Writing Quality Curriculum Vitae

cover-letter-witingA CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a document which is submitted when applying for a job.  Similar to a Résumé, the CV is longer and more informative. Some countries require that a photo of the applicant be attached to the CV as well.  As this is the first document that a prospective employer comes across that represents the applicant it is important for the CV to be accurate, interesting and up to standard.  Below are a few CV Tips which will make the actual job of writing an effective CV a lot easier.

1.    Never lie. This will be one of the golden rules that you must apply in your CV writing.  A career can not be built upon lies as eventually every lie will be found out and can lead to unnecessary blemishes in the applicant’s job history.

2.    A cover letter is a must with every CV.  A cover letter will give the applicant a chance to market himself to the recruiter in a targeted manner.

3.    Listing down all information about qualifications, experience, and accomplishments in order will make it easier when actually writing the CV.
4.    The use of quality white paper is a must. No fancy colored paper should be used. The CV should be typed and printed on a laser printer for better effect and never hand written.  It should be kept in mind again that the CV represents the applicant.

5.    The use of fonts such as Times Roman and Arial is recommended in font size 12.  One of the useful CV tips to note is that the fonts which were used at the beginning should be adhered to right throughout the CV. Highlighting is always better than underlining.

6.    The use of bullet points and keeping paragraphs short and to the point is recommended when writing as this makes it easier to read.  There are many CVs that a prospective employer has to go through in order to make the selection; therefore, he will not spend his time reading a lengthy CV.

7.    The CV should include personal information, such as name, address, phone number, email and date of birth, education information, such as credentials and certificates, work experience and places, achievements, skills and interests and a list of referees.  Never include the name of referees in the CV. Only offer to provide them upon request.

8.    The use of the words such as I, me, we, our, are to be omitted when writing. Use of slang words and clichés are also to be avoided.  It is a must to always use proper English, and grammar.  Avoid repetitions.

9.    Job descriptions should be highlighted with responsibilities that came with the job and the achievements as well.  This should be written in a manner which will be relevant to the job applied for.

10.    The CV should stand out among the many hundreds that will be received.  Therefore, it should be written in an informative, clear and interesting manner.

If you are still unable to write a quality CV with the above CV Tips it is recommended that you contact a resume writing service that will help you to write your CV.

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