CV Samples

Making use of CV Samples is a good idea

Most of the time, job seekers are not even clear of the basic formatting and presentation requirements. This is why referring to a good CV sample can guide them on these aspects. First thing to know in creating a CV is that it is not the same as a resume even though similarities are there. If your vacancy advertisement or the career center asks for a CV, then you are to provide a comprehensive document which contains most of your work experience, qualifications, Awards, skills, interest etc. The length can be up to 4-5 pages. However if the requirement is for a resume it is generally a one page concise summary of most relevant work experience, qualifications etc.
Good CV samples are freely available in many of the online sites and you can also refer to handbooks on resume and CV writing which includes samples of most effective resumes. These can guide the applicants on writing effective CVs and including the correct information that can highlight his or her strengths. Following is a sample CV format in abbreviated form. By including full work experience information, qualifications, awards, interests etc. the CV can be more comprehensive. However the need and appropriateness for each of these sections will depend on the job being applied for. Therefore, when using CV samples to writ your own CV, this factor should be taken in to consideration.