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Post Your CV Online to Advertise Your Availability for Recruiters

Within today’s competitive job market, finding a job is not an easy task. Even if an opening did come up knowing how to apply for the certain position is a challenging task.  Merely waiting for a job opportunity to come up is the reactive way but you can also be pro active and advertise your availability to prospective employers. One of the most common method s of doing this is to put your CV in an online data base.

There are many recruitment sites and job banks in which job seekers can post their CVs. Uploading a CV online will broaden the chances of finding a suitable job as many recruiters are beginning to make use of online job banks to brows through a wide collection of prospective applicants, instead of advertising their positions and calling for applications.
When uploading a CV, it must be kept in mind that there are few differences between a standard CV and the type of CV being uploaded.

1.    The standard CV can be any length, whereas the online CV will have to be kept as short as possible.   This will make it easier for the person who is reading the CV as well as comply with file size restrictions of most job data bases.

2.    CV must be typed using appropriate software such as Microsoft Word which is most widely accepted format for files to be uploaded in to the job bank data base.
3.    The use of appropriate and specific keywords relevant to the job is important in order to be noticed.  All important facts that need to be highlighted must be done to gain the attention of the potential employer. Use action verbs and keep your descriptions short and in point form.

4.    During CV writing process online it is important to know how to format it.  Keeping the format as simple as possible and uploaded in plain text will be the best method. No pictures and frames should be used as these tend to get distorted in the uploading process at times.

5.    Some data bases may offer the opportunity to upload your photo separately. Keep a presentable and recent photo scanned and ready for uploading in a suitable image file format.

6.    The CV should include the name and all personal details such as address and phone number etc., preferred job title, skills, experience, education and whatever additional skills the applicant has.

Posting your CV Online can have a host of benefits. The biggest advantage is it is fastest and one of the most current method. The fact that information regarding job openings and vacancies is available at the touch of a button is an added advantage since job banks has both applications and vacancies listed. It is also cost effective. A CV can be sent from anywhere in the world – if looking for jobs in other countries- without delay, risk of misplacement and costs of international postage or courier charges.

Having understood the process of putting your CV online, it is up to the applicant to decide whether this is the correct mode depending upon individual circumstances. Whether or not you post your CV in an online databank, you will still need a good CV for the job search. offers high quality CV writing services that will impress the most demanding of recruiters. customer interface allows constant contact with the writer and client so that there is ample collaboration to develop the perfect resume.