CV Layout

Tips on Designing a Perfect CV Layout

A curriculum vitae layout, if clearly designed, serves tostand for the appearance of your resume and curriculum vitae. You know that your CV appearance is as crucial as the contents of every curriculum vita.

One thing you should know about writing curriculum vitae  and other business documents is that the whole process requires the application of certain skills to be exploited at the jobsite.

screenshot_17Organizing your CV

Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to your CV appearance because it aims to create a lasting impression of you. You will have to prove your ability of properly organizing your CV. Remember that if your curriculum vitae looks professional, the employer will think that you are able to organize your work and workplace. A well structured and well written curriculum vitae is sure to get you to a job interview.

You can organize your curriculum vitae in a number of ways. However, this will depend on whether you are writing an online CV or a conventional CV, or whether you are using a prescribed curriculum vitae format. Regardless of a type of resume you write, your curriculum vitae layout must cover the following features:


Unless you are writing an online CV, a good CV should be limited to a page. If your curriculum vitae exceeds a page, it should contain necessary information. Steer clear of representing a lot of information on a page simply because you want to limit your curriculum vitae to one page. Remember that a good content should not be sacrificed for CV length. If your curriculum vitae does not present much information, resist the temptation of trying to spread what little you have over the whole page. What you should know is that a CV overloaded with information proves that you are inexperienced as blank space demonstrates your lack of achievements. However, use paragraph spacing between sections of your curriculum vitae and include a title for each section. offers more curriculum vitae guidelines and samples designed to help you create your perfect CV.

Font Type

Use a clear and easy-to-read font type. You have the duty to help the employer read through your curriculum vitae. Remember that in business, time wasted is money wasted. It is normal to use Times New Roman Font, size 12 pt.

Paper Type

Have your curriculum vitae printed on a clean white sheet of paper. Make sure the margins on every side of the paper are justified. Avoid using paper boasting some stylish background; otherwise it will make your curriculum vitae ambiguous in your readers’ mind. And remember that an employer usually spends about thirty seconds to cast a glance at your curriculum vitae. Let a clear and well organized curriculum vitae get you to a job interview.

In addition, tour curriculum vitae layout should be revised and edited to make it letter perfect. Inconsistencies and inaccuracies are known to send your curriculum vitae and cover letters to a dustbin. Your curriculum vitae should present you both as a professional and a personality. It should strive to tell what and who you are. offers a collection of CV templates as well as a range of revision and editing strategies on perfecting your curriculum vitae.