CV Format

Using the Correct CV Format is Important to Write a Good CV

chronological-resumeThe CV or Curriculum Vitae is the most important ammunitions in a job seeker’s arsenal.  As this is the first communication you make with the potential employer and lends to the first impression of the applicant, it is necessary for the CV to be written in the most effective manner. If the potential employer is impressed with the CV you write, then it is likely to get an interview for the applicant. The CV should take a marketing orientation when being created. This is because you must highlight the qualifications and competencies in you that will meet the needs of the employer. Here it is the employer who is the customer while you the “product”. Applying proper CV format will help you in creating a good resume that can get the attention of the recruiting personnel.

The Chronological Format

This is the most common type of format used.  This is ideal for persons who are looking for jobs in a similar field as the one before.   This is formatted such that it gives information on the most recent job to the first. As the CV is longer than a résumé, key accomplishments at each place employed can be highlighted if you have an impressive track record over many years.

The Functional Format

This format will highlight on the skills needed to obtain the job applied for. All core skills and competencies will be highlighted separately while rest of the skills and competencies as well as supporting work experience will be mentioned in a separate section. This format is helpful in highlighting the most relevant work experiences even if it is not recent.

The Combination Format

This CV Format will list all skills and experiences at the beginning, which gives the applicant a chance to highlight any skills which could be relevant to the applied job. This is followed by a chronological listing of the work experience.

Whichever styles utilized to write the CV, it is important that each style should be presented clearly.  Given below is an idea of what a CV format should include.

Contact Information
Mobile Phone

Personal Information
Date of Birth
Country of Birth
Marital Status

Employment History
Positions and work history with dates included.

Work Experience
All employment and other work related experiences can be written down here.

Education Qualifications
This should be detailed beginning from High School. Include the dates here as well and mention the name of the degrees, institutions which degrees were obtained in and the majors.

Other Qualifications
Any merits awarded that do not pertain to the job applied could be written down in this section of the CV.


A CV is used mostly outside of the United States.  However, it is not uncommon for US based people to use a CV for job applications such as teaching or when applying for scholarly positions in a doctoral program.  A standard CV can be from 3 to 6 pages.  But it is recommended that the CV be as short and to the point as possible. If the correct CV format is used to write the CV, keeping it to the point will not be a problem.

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