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Resume Writing & Career Counseling

GrandResume offers only certified resume writers and career advisors that possess years of experience in different fields. Our competence covers 50+ industries.

We conduct own research before composing a stunning resume for your career growth. We offer a personalized approach to solving your employment issues. You will be amazed by our speed, quality, and pricing.

For more information on how easy and effective our services are, read more in Our Benefit ssection. Our experts know how to articulate your objectives, education, working experience, and job expectations in the impressive and fast way to produce results you expect.

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Ultimate Job Application Package

Get 5 basic documents needed for your further employment. We will develop the following:

  • Resume
  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • KSA

In addition, have your social accounts filled-in with your career info by our certified writers. We can utilize your LinkedIn and FaceBook profiles to stand out and enhance your professional image.

Finally, there is a guaranteed FREE durable post-purchase support that lasts for 30 days after the order delivery!

The price starts from $99

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It’s up to You to Decide Whether to Make a One-Time Investment into Your Career Today to Succeed Tomorrow!

If you still hesitate whether you need professional help with your career, you should keep in mind that just one single successful job application package brings you a couple of job interviews per day. A good resume along with other career documents make you stand out from the rest of the applicants with our help; it must represent all your goals and qualifications clearly. In the end, you get a unique opportunity to have the job of your dreams and stable financial future.

Our services and fees are described in detail above to help you with making a final decision.

According to statistics provided by Monster.Com, a single resume is just about $0.30 a day per year. However, it brings you a solid return on investment (ROI) in the shape of $5,000-40,000 in wages. So, is this too much for an investment that pays off 400 times annually? And we are talking only about the financial side of the case.

Everything you need to do to reach new heights is to have your resume written by our talented professional team which is working for you.

Could climbing the career ladder be easier than that? Check it out by ordering your all-inclusive job application and job search assistance package from us!

Grand Resume’s CV Editing Services

Why our professional CV editing service is your advantage

The better is the job you’re applying for, the more application will hiring managers receive every single day, and that’s the fact. Another fact is that HR professionals spend several minutes (as a rule, five to six) to decide whether CV is worth more detailed reading or not even worth a penny.

What can be done so that your CV has a more attractive destiny? The answer is obvious: eliminate everything that can make your CV flawed. Our professional CV writing help is what will remove any possible mistakes and endue the document with a perfect structure, powerful keywords, and a compelling value proposition. Your CV will be developed by one of our professional writers specializing in CV writing, so that you were widely tipped for the job of your dream.

Bring Your CV to the Next Level

Why is professional CV writing assistance in high deamnd and of great importance to any possible job applicant? Most job-seekers who have their fully accomplished CVs, start distributing it being confident that they will receive many call-backs. The reality, however, is that most of us who compose our own CVs usually end up with a lot of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting mistakes along with overloaded information. The problem is lack of knowledge and writing experience – we just don’t have the expert knowledge to craft a winning CV all alone.

Our writers have the knowledge you need access to in order to get the jobs that you want and deserve. With the CV editing service, the best writers in the industry will take your existing CV and tune it easily to the point where you will stand out in the crowd and easily get noticed by recruiters.

Don’t let your CV be among the 80% that immediately get filtered out with less than a glance. Your lifetime of work and education deserves to be noticed and appreciated. With Grand Resume’s CV editing services you can and will get to the interview stage with ease.