How to Impress an Employer through

CV curriculum vitae should make a good impression on an employer

Your main concern in such a write-up should be on the appearance of your CV, what you what to say and how you say it. Writing a CV curriculum vitae means making effective communication to an employer. Effective communication means getting the employer to have a positive view about your CV. Remember that if you write a good CV, you are like a successful businessman, marketing yourself and your skills.

The image that you want an employer to have of you and your skills should be carefully organized. Keep in mind that in a CV or resume, you want the employer to view you as a cautious and credible professional who can add value into the origination. The best way in which you can achieve this is to place yourself in the position of the employer. What sort of information would you want to read in the CV? The simple truth is that as soon as an employer finds that your curriculum vitae is unclear, impersonal, derisive and pompous, there is a likelihood that it will never create a positive impact. Therefore, make sure that your CV represents you as courteous and considerate in your objectives. Grand Resume offers a range of resume tips for achieving this.

Make the organization of your CV clear and straight to the point. This can best be done by using short paragraphs and short sentence. Steer clear of wordiness or long winded sentences. Keep in mind that a CV is a snappy representation of what you are. Details of a CV can better be explained when you personally meet an employer or through a CV cover letter. In business, time is money. Therefore respect the employer’s time. Keep in mind that you do not want to waste the employer’s precious time through long sentences and paragraphs when a few lines would meet your requirements.

cover-letter-witingUse an appropriate tone. Tone represents the quality of language you use. Whether you know it or not, every word in your CV has a tone; and this is going to influence an employer. The most appropriate tone to use in a CV is to adopt a ‘you attitude’. This attitude signals the employer that you are aware of the objectives of the organization and you realize that the needs of the employer are of utmost importance. This will lead you to honestly sort out and present those needs to the employer.

CV curriculum vitae should be accompanied by a CV cover letter. Your cover letter should be as perfect as the CV. Make sure that what you cannot set out in your CV is dealt with in your cover letter. The cover letter should be posted together with the CV. For more CV advice for writing resumes and cover letters see Grand Resume.