CV and Resume

The Difference in A CV and A Resume Lies Mainly In the Amount of Information

build_a_resumeIt is customary for someone, when applying for a job to send in a CV (Curriculum Vitae) or a Résumé. This is the document which will represent the applicant to the recruiting party or the prospective employer. Therefore, it is vital that either document is written clearly and concisely so that it can make a good impression of the applicant.  Most often, people believe that these two items are one and the same, when in fact this is not so.  Below are a few differences between the CV and a Résumé which can be used as a guideline when you are required to prepare either one of them.

The word Curriculum Vitae means “Course of Life” in Latin.  Which will be quite appropriate for this document as it is a record of the applicant’s job experiences and academic experiences during his life. The word Résumé which is a French word means, “Summary” which is also appropriate as it provides a summary of the academic and job experiences of a particular person. The difference therefore lies in the detailed nature of the CV in contrast to the concise nature of the resume.

A Résumé is used mostly in the United States when applying for a job. They are shorter in length, usually only one page, and require very little time to write as this will give only a brief overview of the candidate’s past job experiences. To keep the length down, most applicants sometimes include only the most relevant information pertaining to the application.  Hobbies and interests are often times left out as this will take up space.  A résumé is written in a way that highlights the skills and expertise of the candidate to the requirements of the post being applied for.

A Résumé usually contains the following basic information:
•    The name of the applicant in full
•    Address
•    Contact number
•    Job Objective or a skill profile
•    Educational background
•    Work experience
•    References – only a mentioning that references can be provided upon request

Even though CVs are not popular in the general job market in US, it is used for applying for jobs in the academic field or in the field of research.  However, a CV is used outside the USA by applicants applying for other careers as well. The difference between CV and a resume is that the applicant can list all the educational detail, achievements and even hobbies and interests in a CV compared to the summary of information in a resume. Every job and accomplishment is written down in detail making it more informative. A CV can be as long as 10 pages.

A CV usually contains the following basic information:

•    The name and address of the applicant in full
•    Work experience
•    Education background
•    Skills and hobbies and interests
•    References

It should be kept in mind that whenever applying for jobs abroad it is always better if a CV is submitted unless told otherwise, and vice versa for applying jobs within the US.  Even if a CV is requested in the USA, it is always better to keep it short and concise.

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