What Curriculum Vitae Formats You Need

Curriculum Vitae Formats to use in your CV

Formatting your CV

Curriculum vitae formats are available according to the type of curriculum vitae you write. These curriculum vitae formats often become indispensable to give a focus and directionforyour curriculum vitae. There are so many ways of representing information found in your curriculum vitae. The manner in which you present information on your curriculum vitae or the manner in which you format it will also depend on the type of resume you are writing. Whatever the case, the reason of formatting curriculum vitae is to give it a focus and direction. There are predefined curriculum vitae formats. Remember that you are not expected to write you curriculum vitae with whatever format you use.

screenshot_39Popular CV formats
The most common formats are a functional format and a chronological format. The chronological format is the most common and often used CV format. This is true because most job seekers are always on a job search which relates to their career path. The usual way to represent information is to use a reverse chronological format. Thus, much emphasis is laid on job titles as well as the employers you have worked with. Curriculum vitae written using this format are always clear and easy to read. This type of format is only good for those who have had a steady career path, or those who intend to change careers, but still in the same field. It hinders those with little or no experience to show their abilities and responsibilities.

Another option is the functional CV vitae format. This format basically emphasizes skills and expertise. Less emphasis is placed on qualifications, on how they were obtained and where they were obtained. The employer is only interested in hiring transferable skills. This type of format is best for those who have strengths and abilities that have not been put to use, but which have a potential of being used to the benefit of the employer. If you are just coming out of school or you have little or no experience, it is best to write your curriculum vitae with the functional format. There is no need to be worried of nothing being represented in the experience section of your curriculum vitae. Remember that most employers today prefer to hire skills which have a potential for development. These skills are eventually boosted through seminars, workshops and other forms of on-the-job training.  GrandResume.com offers more resume advice on what format to use.

What CV writing requires

Curriculum vitae formats are not formal prerequisites from a hiring manager. On the other hand, it is an indispensable feature in the CV writing process. The truth is that organization in business communication counts as much as content. There should always be a need to give your CV and edge over those of other job applicants. Remember that you may lack the qualification and experience needed for a CV position. But the manner you use to represent your skills may compel the employer to make a decision in favor of your application. For more on formatting your CV, see GrandResume.com