Cover Letter Tips

Cover Letter Tips Can Provide Valuable Pointers

examples_of_cvWhat is a cover letter?  This is a document which accompanies documents such as applications, resumes or curriculum vitae. In the case of a cover letter for a executive resume or a CV, then it is directed to the prospective employer that is looking to recruit the most suitable person to do carry out certain duties and assume certain responsibilities. This will be a crucial element in the employment application kit that represent the candidate.

Therefore, an effective cover letter should convey a clear and accurate image of the applicant to the prospective employer. Writing a cover letter for even the most coveted and high profile job is not a difficult task, if the correct methods are applied. Therefore, it is essential to know few key cover letter tips that can enhance the quality of a cover letter.

1.    The cover letter should be original and not copied.  This is very important as it is something that most applicants do.  It will be more effective if it was thought out and written by the applicant. The letter must be targeted and highlight the strengths and skills of the applicant.

2.    Keep to the facts.  It is not required to go in to great lengths when writing a cover letter. Ideally it should be limited to one page. It should be kept in mind that the person reading it has many other important works to attend to.  Therefore, keeping it short and accurate will enable the reader to assimilate the key points. The main point to highlight is the fact that the applicant meets the job requirements specified.
3.    If asked to specify the salary expectations it is better if a range is provided and not the amount expected.  Unless specifically prompted, do not include  this item within your cover letter as it is against the recruiting etiquette for an applicant to talk about remunerations prior to establishing whether he or she has the skills to meet the job requirements. .
4.    Write in a positive manner. Be clear and concise.  It will not be necessary to write about why the applicant has been unemployed for a while.  Be confident in how it is being written, this will show the applicant’s personality to the reader.

5.    Another important cover letter tip is that the stationary used to write the cover letter should be white with a matching white envelope, which should be crisp and the quality should be up to standard.   No fancy fonts should be used in typing this sort of formal letters. Use black ink and not colors and will be more professional if printed on a laser printer.

6.    It is recommended to always request for an interview.

7.    Proofread the document.  If a cover letter is free of errors of any kind, be it grammatical or spelling, it proves that the applicant is thorough, and this will reflect well on the applicant

8.    Always keep copies of whatever is sent.

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