Cover Letter Template

A Cover Letter Template should Be Used as a Model

accounting_resume_sampleMost often in order to write a cover letter, applicants use a Cover Letter Template. A template is something which serves as a model and therefore it can be used as a direct guideline and the applicant can adhere to the design and the structure as well as the font styles and sizes. As the cover letter is one of the most important items which have to be submitted along with the CV for a particular job, it is vital that it be written clearly and concisely.

Most online writing services offer many templates which can be used when writing a cover letter. A point to note in cover letter writing that it should be written according to the specific field being applied for. It is advised that when applying for more than one job vacancy, that the applicant refrain from using the same template.

Below is a sample of a Cover Letter Template.

*** *** ***

Your name
Address, City
Phone number / Email number
(The information here allows the employer to get in touch with you.  )


Name of Employer
Title of Employer
Name of Company
Address of Company
(Find out the name of the person who is responsible for hiering. Do not state “to whom it may concern”)

Dear Sir/Madam,

First Paragraph
(State the reason you are writing and the position applied for and how you became aware of the vacancy or if you were referred by a person)

Second & Third Paragraphs
(State why you are confident of being able to do the job. Highlight the match between the job requirements and your key competencies.)

Final Paragraph
(The final paragraph will thank the employer and inform of your availability for an interview at a mutually convenient time.)

Yours Sincerely,

…………………. (Signature)

Your name

Using a Cover Letter Template will no doubt make your life easy and guide you in the correct direction. But it is no assurance that you will include the correct content in to the template. While the structure and cover letter format are important for its effectiveness, what it contains matters most. Therefore you may decide to enlist a professional form to create your cover letter. If this is the case, is an excellent choice. Our writers are highly conversant in the art and science of resume and cover letter writing. Whether you are at entry level or applying for a high caliber executive will write the most effective of cover letters for you.