Cover Letter Format

A Cover Letter Format Indicates the Essential Elements

An effective cover letter is dependent on few basic factors. It should be well written, should be well structured and must be properly formatted.

There are basic guidelines for cover letter format and following this can produce an effective and noteworthy cover letter that will get the attention of your prospective employee. Following is a basic format that can be adhered to in formatting your cover letter.

Applicant’s Contact Details:
City, State, Zip Code
Phone Number
Email Address
Prospective Employer’s Contact Details (Recipient Address)
Name (Optional but adds value to the letter if you are resourceful as to find out the name of the person who is recruiting)
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name, (It is recommended that the recruiting person’s name is sourced and mentioned instead of opting for Dear Sir/Madam. But do not use “To whom it may concern”)

Body of Cover Letter
This is the most important section of the cover letter format. It should contain up to 5 short paragraphs. This is the marketing pitch which will accompany your resume which is basically a fact sheet. Use the body to establish clearly the link between your skills and the employer’s requirements.

Body Paragraph 1
Purpose of the communication – applying for the post of…. (mention the title of the position). Mention how you became aware of the job opening. It can be in response to a company advertisement or as directed by a referee.

Middle Paragraphs
This section can be 2-3 paragraphs of maximum of 6 lines. Mention your skills and qualifications in brief but clear manner and state how you feel these can be utilized in the post you are applying for. Mention why you are keen to join the firm and how you can add value to the organization. You must demonstrate that you have some knowledge of what the organization’s products and operations are. You can also mention in brief your career aspirations and how joining this organization can help you achieve it. Any special skills and significant achievements should be mentioned tactfully.

Final Paragraph
Final paragraph is important as it closes your pitch and call for an action. It may be for an interview or inquiry for more information. Prompt the recruiter to contact you or offer to contact them.
Thank you!

Close Line: Sincerely Yours,

Signature (3-4 lines spacing between close line and signature)

Enclosure or Enc.: Resume