Cover Letter for Resume

An Effective Cover Letter is Essential for a Resume

examples_of_cvWhy is it necessary to submit a Cover Letter for a Resume?  Most applicants are under the misguided concept that it is not necessary to submit a cover letter along with the resume.  Most applicants will come to understand the truth once they have tried many times to apply for jobs without the cover letter, and hear no response from the respective organizations.  Your cover letter is as important as the resume.  Why?  To understand this, it is important for you to know the functions of a cover letter.  The cover letter introduces the applicant to the potential employer.  It is a brief letter in which the applicant will highlight all the necessary skills he possesses which are required for the job which will point out to the employers that he is the person that they should hire.  The main purpose of your cover letter is to be able to get an interview.  This can be achieved if the cover letter is written in the proper manner.

When writing a Cover Letter for a Resume there are certain important facts to take into account.

It is necessary to remember that the cover letter should be kept short and to the point. Make sure that only one page is allocated for this purpose. Structure your letter to be 4-5 short paragraphs. The first and the last should be introduction and conclusion.
•    The paper utilized for the cover letter should be the same as the resume.  It is not advisable to use different types of paper.
•    Address the letter to a specific person.  This can be done by calling the relevant organization and finding out the name of the person.
•    It is important to get your reader’s attention.   Make the heading on the cover letter a catchy one.
•    Highlight the qualifications and accomplishment which are relevant to the job.  This does not mean that the cover letter should be a duplicate of the resume.
•    Let the potential employer know what you can contribute to the company, instead of questioning them on what they can offer you.
•    What is stated in the cover letter should coincide with what is in the resume.

Writing a cover letter for resume can be a challenging job. It requires time and organization. There are many cover letters available online to use as a guideline when writing. It is important to keep in mind that your cover letter should not be copied off the internet. A good cover letter should be personalized. It should show the potential employer the applicant’s personality, writing abilities and communication skills. Keep in mind that all cover letters sent out to other organizations should not be the same.  Each one should be written to fit the criteria of the job applied for.

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