Cover Letter Advice

Cover Letter Advice Can Be Useful In Producing a Quality Cover Letter

accounting_resume_sampleWhen applying for a job it is vital that a good cover letter is submitted with the CV.   There are variations in cover letters and format depending on the situation which the writer must be aware of. Writing a proper and effective cover letter for the job that is being coveted can increase the chances of the candidate manifolds. This is one reason which you need to incorporate some of the cover letter advice provided here in to your writing.

Customize your Letter
One key cover letter advice is not to use off-the- shelf cover letters available online. Most often it is very easy for a person to just go online and copy a cover letter and change just the important facts. But this is not the way to impress the “would be” employers.  It should be original and authentic to reflect your uniqueness as a candidate for the position. Common and off the shelf cover letters should be used as a just a guideline for formatting and structuring. The actual letter should be tailored to the specific job application, and include a summarized profile of the applicant and highlight the compatibility between the position and the applicant’s qualifications and expertise.

Cover Letter Content
Cover letter content is the most important factor contributing to its success. Address it to the correct party responsible for the recruiting. Call the organization and explain that you need to address a letter and ask for the name of the person responsible for the recruitment of the particular position. Include a summarized profile which highlight the strengths and align it to the job requirements. Any outstanding achievements should be mentioned in a modest tone. Writing in a positive and persuasive manner, will give the employers the impression that the applicant is the person for the job. But one good cover letter advice to note is that one must never be too pushy or boastful in writing these letters.

Below are some of the important content to be mentioned on the cover letter:

*    Stress on the skills that will be brought to the job if hired.
*    Always stress on the abilities and capabilities.
*    An understanding of the job requirements, and knowledgeable of the company.

Basic Format for a Cover Letter
Formatting of the letter is also a crucial aspect. This is important as it contributes to the professional image. The paper used to write should not have any designs or color on it.  It should be written on pure white paper. Use a standard font style such as Ariel or Times New Roman with a font size 12. One inch margins should be adhered to on both sides and what is to be written should not exceed more than one page. Have an introductory paragraph in which you state the purpose of the letter and then use 2-3 brief body paragraphs followed by a conclusion.

The close line and signature should be 2-3 spaces apart
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