Highlight the Contents of Your Resume with a Combination Resume Format

Combination resume format is a mixture of chronological and the functional resume format.

Skills are the key category in both types of resume format. What makes a resume format distinct is that the functional resume offers more advantage to resume writers than the chronological resume format. A functional resume format is preferable because it does not compel you to list qualifications, skills and experiences in a chronological manner. It lays emphasis on listing these features according to their importance to your resume. In relation to this, you will list important skills, qualifications and experience first, even if they were acquired long ago.

combination_resumeThus you can begin and complete a good professional resume using both types of resume format. This will be known as a combination resume. This resume format will therefore lay emphasis to every feature of both a chronological and functional resume, but will give a balance view between education, skills and qualifications. The manner in which these features are represented will vary. This will also mean adhering to a resume length of more than two pages. Skills, qualifications and experiences should begin with the most recent, while highlighting the most important.

Give attention to the most recent as well as the most important. This can best be represented in bullet form. If the most important skill or qualification does not happen to be the most recent, do not be worried. Give emphasis to the most recent as well as the most important skills and qualifications which are relevant to the job. Remember that the employer will be interested in what is relevant to the job. You can highlight these with bullets. Steer clear of stringing qualifications or skills in the order in which they were obtained. What matters most is the manner in which you are going to organize them.

There is nothing more complicated in writing a combination resume than the organization of this resume. You are at will to represent information in whatever format you choose. But your most important consideration is to make your resume appealing to the eyes of the employer. Keep in mind that organization is the premium of your resume. A combination of all resumes formats means there will be so much information in one resume. But if the employer can read and understand it, you would have written a winning resume. Sell your skills and qualifications through shorts sentences, short paragraphs. Use bullets or points to enumerate skills and qualifications. www.grandresume.com offers more resume assistance for organizing information in this resume.

Combination resume should be properly revised and edit. As you revise and edit, remember that verbal and visual skills are necessary to take you through. Replace shorter words with longer ones. Always strive for clarity. Remember that your main objective of writing a resume is to generate marketable content and persuade an employer to act on it. An employer cannot act on it if it cannot be read and understood. Combination resumes can better be understood and written with the resume guidelines provided in www.grandresume.com.