Career Change Resume

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level-img-career-changeAs peculiar as it may sound the difficulties facing a person wanting to make a career change are very similar to those of a recent graduate or someone seeking an entry level position. The heart of the issue is experience. While a recent grad has to contend with little experience, a career changer has to overcome what appears to be a lack of relevant experience. In either case, your resume must address the problem.

Grand Resume has been helping people solve the experience problem for years and with great success. Our advantage is that each of our writers specializes in a particular industry and, as a result, they know exactly what skills will be required for your new career path. Taking this into consideration, when creating your resume they will primarily focus on and draw out your transferable skills while highlighting any other pertinent qualifications that will meet employers’ requirements. With our method and expansive industry knowledge, your resume will undoubtedly demonstrate your strengths, motivation and, most importantly, your desire to face new challenges.