Canadian Resume Writing Guidelines

Canadian resume is mostly demanded by Canadian employers

This is because Canadian employers always seek for so many things apart from the skills of the applicant. Therefore, if you are tendering a Canadian resume, you will make use of more positive words and phrases to give your employer a positive view about what you can achieve, and this should be for the overall benefit of the company.

Before you begin to write the resume, you should know that unlike most other countries, your prospective employer can either be English or French. Remember that Canada is a bilingual country. Therefore, you will either be required to put up an English or French styled resume. Whatever the type of resume that is needed from you, your main aim is to make yourself marketable to your employer.

Begin with an objective in mind. The main aim of every of such resume is to get a job interview. Your main aim should be evident in your application. Let the employer know that you are the right person who can bring down cost of production, solve problems, boost profits as well as perform quality work. To effectively write a good resume objective, make sure that you can identify potential achievements on your skills. This will further require you to search through your list of skills, looking for superior and transferable skill. And of course, superior skills are skills related to finances and saving of resources, staff as well as time. Keep in mind that these skills can be boosted with a list of honors, awards or distinctions that you have received.

Include a list of educational achievements. Every school or university that you have attended should be listed. These should be accompanied by dates of attendance, course as well as qualifications obtained. Make sure you give proof that you are competent in the language of operation. Aptitude in both French and English will of course give you an added advantage. Include details of your work experience. These should take into account every form of employment, be it paid or voluntary. Your academic as well as work related achievements should be supported by references. You can make use of a sample resume from a reliable resume writing service such as to know what to include and where it should be included in your resume.


Use an appropriate resume format for your Canadian resume. This type of resume should not exceed two pages. Every item on your resume should be clear and to the point. Make sure that you have included an address which will serve you for at least a quarter of a year. Keep in mind that most Canadian employers will file your resume for this period and may want to contact you when a vacancy exists.

Canadian resume should be properly revised and edited. Always try to create a good resume as the only market tool at your disposal to sell yourself to your employer. offers more resume tips for you to write an effective resume.