Best Resume Format

What is the Best Format for Your Resume?

The best resume format can be defined by a type of resume you are writing. There are two main styles for writing a resume although so many other resume styles can be found and generated. You can use either a chronological or a functional resume format to write your resume.

Chronological format

A  chronological resume is a conventional resume format for writing resumes. It is designed for job seekers with limited experience. Requirements for chronological resume writing are easy and clear. In most cases, employers find this type of resume format easy to follow and easy to read. The chronological resume is effective when an applicant can demonstrate a continuous progress in a specific career area. This tool should be used when you are applying for a resume position in another organization, but which is related to your similar job.

The fact that you have limited experience or qualifications does not make you unqualified to apply for a job. What you should know is that most employers have adopted a strategy of hiring people with little or no experience. They subsequently boost skills of these employees by training them at work. This can be fulfilled through shorter training courses, workshops or seminars.

Functional format

Another best resume format should be a functional resume format. This resume format is often applied by those boasting diverse resume experiences, or seeking to gain admission to a new career, or frequently switching between all kinds of jobs. This resume format highlights everything a normal resume will have. But it emphasizes  functions or skills.

screenshot_22When using this resume format, it will not be important to list skills or qualifications. Simply listed according to function, skills serve to demonstrate how the employer will benefit from hiring you. Please note that you list skills without mentioning how and where they were obtained. Keep in mind that your principal objective is to cover your skills that, you think, will comply with the job requirements. offers resume assistance in presenting skills according to the functional resume format.

The best resume format to apply

Research has shown that the functional resume format is always the best resume format to use. The main reason for this is that you can demonstrate your skills and experiences to fill gaps in your career education. Remember that there is no chronology for presenting information. Also, a functional resume does not compel a job applicant to start a resume with drawing attention to recent qualifications and experiences. Remember that  a chronological resume format requires listing worthy and significant qualifications whereas experiences obtained long ago will be sent to back.

Your best resume format can also be shaped by so many aspects like your resume style and appearance. For example, you may wish to use bullets to structure the body of your resume or you may wish to use hyperlinks when writing an online resume or electronic resume. In order to determine which resume format suits you best, get more professional resume advice and  good resume samples provided by