Best Resumes

Best Resumes Portray Your Skills in the Best Light

best-resumeThere are resumes and then there are good resumes. But there are also Best Resumes. These are the
resumes which makes the reviewers place your resume with empathetically nod in the selected pile. These are the resumes which makes the recruiters put a special notation on it to ensure that you are present for an interview. Such resumes are capable of giving the applicant a head start ahead of the rest of the applicants.

Knowing what makes a resume so effective and strong will help any serious job seeker to score better than the competition. With the ever increasing competitiveness in the job market, applicants will need all the skills they can put in to creating the most effective resumes. To create such an outstanding resume, let us suggest a special process that may put the whole resume writing task in a new perspective.

1.    A resume should not be a mere list of your past experiences and qualifications. When you start out to create your resume, you should take a marketing approach to the matter. Don’t consider the resume writing as an insipid task. Think of it as an exciting and challenging project of marketing a product to a prospective consumer.

2.    Let us think the prospective employer as the consumer. Like normal consumers, the employer has a need that has to be met. For example, the need can be for a Sales Executive for a range of herbal beauty products.

3.    The next step is to identify what are the key skills and attributes of the RIGHT product that can meet the consumer’s needs of a sales executive. List these key skills and attributes. For instance, to meet the needs of the sales executive effectively, the correct applicant should
a.    Be excellent at target achievement.
b.    He or she should have excellent customer relationship management skills.
c.    Experience in key account handling is essential as the correct “product” that can meet the need will have to deal with Spas and cosmetic chains to carry the product line.
d.    Other attributes such as being pro active, being a self starter, having innovative ideas are beneficial.
Take time to research the key skills needed for each different type of job you write a resume for. This is the most critical aspect of effective resume writing.

4.    Do NOT forget that YOU are the product that has to meet these requirements in order to properly fulfill the need of the consumer. Now, next step is to list your own skills, attributes and qualifications that can meet these customer requirements. Once again, refresh your memory that the customer is your prospective employer and the product is the applicant who happens to be you.

5.    Now that the customer need and the product features are clear, you need to communicate the product offer to the prospective customer.

6.    This is where your Best Resume comes to play. If you were a consumer, do you want a boring advertisement which just tell what the product attributes are or do you want the advertisement to tell how your needs can be fulfilled through a particular product? If the ad is over cluttered and full of unnecessary information, would you not be compelled to switch the channel or flick the page instead of digging through the mass of information? So, make the most out of your resume and write it like an exciting and informative advertisement that can place the product in its best light.

7.    To make your Resume the Best one in the pile, write a striking objective statement and tell what you want to do for the employer. Example is
“To work as a sales executive promoting an exciting new range of herbal beauty care products through application of excellent target achievement skills; outstanding key account management skills and top rung customer relationship management abilities.”

8.    Balance of the resume can concisely convey your skills, qualifications and work experience that will validate the claims of capabilities you make in the objective statement.

Apply this new perspective to your resume writing and your resume may well turn out to be that outstanding resumeyour prospective employer will sit back and take notice of. If you are not confident of doing this job yourself, then entrust the job to a professional firm such as Our top notch writers have written resumes that worked for many clients in diverse fields of work. Our work had helped clients of different status from grad students to sales assistants and company CEOs. The success behind work lies in the customer oriented perspective we bring in to the resumes we write. Experience our professional service and be assured of the Best Resume your prospective employer will ever come across.