How to Create an Attractive Resume

Tips on Writing a Resume Attractive resume

Advertise yourself

A resume is an important marketing tool that advertises your skills and experiences as well as presents your personality to a potential employer. Therefore, it is necessary that you know perfectly well what skills you posses in order to be better prepared for an interview and career development.

resume12What you must know is that resume writing is not an easy task which requires additional skills and effort. Keep in mind that a resume is not only about listing your skills and qualifications. It should make a good first impression on your potential employer through a well-worded job and a strong presentation to land you a job in the company of your choice.

This is one of the most important things an employer will consider. Remember that most employers prefer a skill oriented resume format to see every positive feature in your career history that may be transferred to the workplace.

Learn more about the vacancy

Before starting to write a resume, you should carry out some preliminary research on the company you apply to as well as on the employer’s specific needs and requirements. Remember that your resume should address the employer’s specific needs. Thus, make sure you know every detail about the vacancy you are going to fill.

Keep in mind that employers tend to see resumes and cover letters showing that the applicant knows about their business. In so doing, you demonstrate that you care a lot about the company. This should be covered in the resume objective. Your objective should be short and precise. Steer clear of verbosity. Make sure your goals comply to those set by the employer. offers more resume guidelines for completing this section of the resume.

resume10Sell your qualifications and skills to the employer

The most effective way to achieve this goal is to use buy-sell clauses that stand for keywords and relevant phrases to sell you in the best manner. Look at the job advertisement and make sure you possess all qualifications required by the employer. Remember you are supposed to list only qualifications related to the job.

However, you may present qualifications non-related to the job yet compensating for something missing in your academic background. For example, you should let the employer know about any particular skills in handling any particular equipment.

Work history

Your experience is the most important section of your resume. An employer gets interested in a resume that mentions previous jobs. Make sure you describe every previous employment you have had. List your previous employers’ names as well as your duties or responsibilities. In addition, list any internship or voluntary work you have performed. This will reflect well on you.

A resume should be properly formatted. You must write clearly in order to make your resume readable. Respect the employer’s time. Keep in mind that time wasted in business is money lost. Steer clear of ambiguity.

As the first contact with the employer is built through your resume, remember that it shapes the employer’s first and lasting impression of you. Use an appropriate resume format to present your academic background and experience to the best advantage. For more resume tips, view a wide choice of resume samples at